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2014 AAHA Weight Management Guidelines Task Force

Dawn Brooks, DVM
Countryside Veterinary Hospital, Chelmsford, MA

Julie Churchill, PhD, DVM, DACVN
College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN 

Karyn Fein, DVM, CSCS
Tender Touch Animal Hospital, Denver, CO 

Deborah Linder, DVM, DACVN
Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, North Grafton, MA

Kathryn E. Michel, MS, DVM, DACVN
School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 

Ken Tudor, DVM
Hearthstone Homemade Program for Dogs, Claremont, CA 

Ernie Ward, DVM
Seaside Animal Care, Calabash, NC 

Angela Witzel, PhD, DVM, DACVN
Veterinary Medical Center, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 

Correspondence: [email protected] (D.L.)

*The authors specifically requested that they not be told the identity of the sponsors until the document was completed.