Veterinary Technician of the Year Award Nomination

Open to credentialed veterinary technicians from any veterinary practice who have worked at least ninety (90) days with the veterinary practice submitting the nomination, and who are currently working for that practice.

Read about the Veterinary Technician of the Year Award at

The form below must be completed in one session, it cannot be saved and added to later.

We recommend you answer the questions in Word and then paste them into the form below.

Deadline is October 10, 2022 11:59 pm EST

Provide brief statements (each at 500 words or less) covering the following topics:

  1. REQUIRED. Describe the nominee’s exceptional performance in any area of the practice (.e.g., surgery, dentistry, pain management, etc.). Feel free to include quotes from coworkers, clients, and supervisors if you have them.

2. REQUIRED. Describe how the nominee’s communications skills help coworkers and clients. Feel free to include quotes from coworkers, clients, and supervisors if you have them.

3. OPTIONAL. Provide at least two (a maximum of five) customer/client reviews or testimonials about the nominee. 

  1. Please submit photographs of the nominee at work or in the practice, and with clients and coworkers. Note: These photos become part of the nomination package and will be used in AAHA publicity of the award. Each person featured in a photo must sign a photographic release form, which must be uploaded with the photos.

Photograph & Video Release Terms

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Photo/video release