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Championing Inclusion, Equity, and Justice: AAHA’s Commitment to a Better Future

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AAHA champions diversity, equity, and inclusion, actively building a more inclusive future for the veterinary community and society. We condemn all forms of discrimination, standing with the AAPI and Black communities. We believe in education and action, offering resources and pledging to dismantle systemic injustices. Join us in building a better world.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

AAHA’s DE&I Initiative strives to better serve our veterinary community and lead our organization into a better future by:

  • Building a strong FOUNDATION with motivating leaders who encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion .
  • Using INTERNAL teamwork to attract and retain diverse talent while sustaining an environment that treats people fairly and equitably
  • BRIDGING our internal- and external-focused commitments toward sustainable long-term DE&I education and initiatives
  • Collaborating with EXTERNAL groups to understand and serve our communities with programs that aid success while promoting diverse, equitable, and inclusive practices

Stop AAPI Hate

AAHA is compelled to restate our condemnation of racism and discrimination in light of recent violent attacks on Asian Americans.

Advocates and activists say these attacks, part of a surge in abuse since the start of the pandemic a year ago, are hate crimes linked to rhetoric that blames Asian people for the spread of COVID-19. Whatever the origins, AAHA remains committed to zero tolerance for any racist acts and discrimination. We all must hold ourselves accountable to our greater community, welcoming all cultures, races, genders, and religions that may be different from our own into a society that values diversity.

AAHA believes that education forms the root of understanding and, ultimately, acceptance. Some people justify and rationalize social injustice while others do nothing because they feel they are not directly affected. As always, we hope our staff and members continually strive to learn and grow. We encourage readers of this message to visit the following websites to learn about recent actions and goals of organizations whose missions are to support Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI).

  • Stop AAPI Hate ( Their most recent report on types of discrimination and recent crimes can be found here.
  • Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (
  • This national organization, founded in 1974, works to protect and promote civil rights for Asian-Americans.
  • #HATEISAVIRUS ( An initiative and community raising awareness on anti-Asian racism and supporting Asian-owned businesses.

To our Asian American members, we wish you peace and safety. Please know that your colleagues, friends, and AAHA team stand together in support of the equal rights, protection, and respect you justly deserve.

Issued March 2021

Black Lives Matter Statement

AAHA is adamantly against discrimination of any kind. We are specifically against racism against all people of color, and today we want to be clear that we support our Black colleagues, veterinary clients, and the entire Black community.

We stand in solidarity with our partners, colleagues, and friends around the world who are speaking out against racism, educating themselves about systemic racism, and taking action with understanding and love.

We are committed to listening, learning, and joining the conversation. AAHA is taking steps to improve our association, our industry, and our world. We look forward to sharing our progress with the industry.

Issued June 2020