Notice of slate of nominations

AAHA Board of Directors: slate of nominations.

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AAHA Board of Directors

The following board positions need to be filled upon the completion of AAHA’s conference, AAHA Con in San Diego, California, on September 23, 2023: vice president, and two directors.

Vice President (one-year term)
Parva Bezrutczyk, DVM

Director (one-year term)
Robert Lawrie, MRCVS

Director (one-year term)
Gregory Carastro, LVT, CVBL

Additional nominations

In accordance with the amended Bylaws, additional nominations for vacant positions may be submitted in writing to the chief executive officer over the signatures of at least one percent (1%) of all voting members at least 90 days prior to the yearly conference. Therefore, 99 original signatures are required, and must be obtained and forwarded to Garth Jordan at the AAHA headquarters no later than June 16, 2022.

If no additional nominations are received by the deadline, the individuals nominated and listed above shall be deemed to have been elected. If there are additional nominations, voting will be by ballot sent to all voting members, and the election will be conducted in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Bylaws.

Format for submitting additional nominations to AAHA’s chief executive officer:
“[Full name and address] is hereby nominated for [officer or director position]. [Name] has been a [category] member of AAHA since [year] and therefore meets the eligibility criteria. As required, 99 original numbered signatures are listed below.”