AAHA Seeks Applicants for Newly Created Veterinary Technician Board Seat

Applications are accepted through March 27, 2023

Lakewood, CO— March 14, 2023 —American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) announces a Call for Applications to serve on the Board, including a newly-created position for a credentialed Veterinary Technician. The goal is to ensure greater representation of members’ needs by the 90-year-old organization serving veterinary professionals treating companion animals such as cats and dogs.

“We are experiencing unprecedented changes in clinics from ownership to team composition,” said AAHA Board President Margot Vahrenwald, DVM. “Simplifying the journey to excellence for all veterinary professionals by equipping them with guidelines and standards allows them to focus on patient welfare as a team.” Garth Jordan, CEO of AAHA, adds, “It is part of our culture and, frankly, our duty to attract and encourage members with diverse experiences and qualifications to share their expertise and opinions with us. That’s how we make real changes in the industry – by listening, learning, and adapting so, we can all share in the journey towards excellence.”

AAHA has three positions open, including two Directors and one Vice President. All applicants must be AAHA members in good standing for at least three years.

Positive Impact on Patients and Pet Parents

There are 123,000(1) Veterinary Technicians who work in approximately 28,000 clinics in just the U.S. They spend their days taking case histories, administering medication, preparing animals for surgery, and providing care instructions to pet parents. Their work as part of a team is critical to the health of the patients they treat. Including a credentialed Veterinary Technician on the Board is new to AAHA and rare among organizations that support pet healthcare specialists.

Many pet parents do not know that clinics that treat companion animals, such as dogs and cats, are not required by law to meet minimum standards of care. Instead, many clinical teams voluntarily agree to follow AAHA’s peer-reviewed Guidelines of care. In addition, AAHA members challenge themselves by seeking accreditation through a rigorous, thorough process that ensures their practices comply with Standards making it easier to provide quality care consistently.

Interested veterinary professionals are encouraged to submit applications for the three open positions through March 27, 2023. For more information, visit aaha.org/bod.

(1)BLS.gov 2021 estimate

About AAHA

Since 1933, the American Animal Hospital Association has been the only organization to accredit veterinary hospitals throughout the United States and Canada based on standards directly correlated to high-quality medicine and compassionate care. Our purpose is to simplify the journey toward excellence in veterinary practices. Accreditation in veterinary medicine is voluntary. The AAHA-accredited logo is the best way to know if a third party has evaluated a practice. Look for the AAHA logo or visit the accredited hospital locator on aaha.org.