Practice Accreditation Committee (PAC)

Position: Member
Terms Starts: September
Term ends: September of the following year.

Applications Due: Applications will be available soon, along with the timeline.


This committee is responsible for seeking ways to improve the accreditation experience by sharing personal successes and soliciting feedback from other AAHA Accredited Practice Members to ensure a “global” perspective.

The Committee is charged to:

  • PAC will vote to approve or deny a recommended addition, maintenance, or deletion to the AAHA Standards of Accreditation.
  • The approval or denial will be done via constructive conversations about the impact on practices in the clinical setting and limitations available in the veterinary ecosystem.
  • PAC may at times send standard recommendations back to the Accreditation Team for additional research or clarification of language and intent.
  • PAC will offer additional research or insight into situations to help in the decision-making process in regard to standard recommendations.
  • PAC will recommend the interpretation of the standards to recommend for approval by the Board of Directors.
  • PAC shall report regularly to the Board of Directors on its activities and recommendations during the period.
  • PAC shall carry out such other duties and responsibilities and/or addresses charges as assigned by the Board of Directors from time to time.
  • Members will complete an NDA and COI annually.
  • Members will complete a survey every June to determine their continued involvement in the committee.

Terms, Method of Appointment, Requirements

Committee members will be appointed by the President Elect of AAHA. PAC shall consist of between 5 and 7 AAHA Accredited Practice Team Members whose practices have maintained AAHA Accreditation in good standing for at least 3 years consecutive prior to their appointment to PAC. At least 4 members must be licensed veterinarians. The Chair of PAC shall be a licensed veterinarian appointed by the President Elect.

Except for the Board Liaison and the AAHA Staff Representative (s), each committee member will serve for an initial term of 1 year. Thereafter, committee members may serve for 2-year terms with no term limits upon mutual agreement between the committee member and President Elect.

The Committee has 5-7 members in any given year.

  • Chair
  • Co-Chair/Staff Liaisons (Standards Liaison and Accreditation Team Liaison)
  • Board Liaison
  • Member
  • Member
  • Member
  • Member


The Practice Accreditation Committee (PAC) will hold monthly teleconferences to discuss submissions pertaining to the Standard of Accreditation. Monthly meetings may sometimes not be needed when submissions are not available, but PAC will meet at a minimum (4) times a year. Specific time and date will be communicated to committee members well ahead of time.


The committee will send board reports to the AAHA Board of Directors ahead of the annual board meetings in January and June each year. The staff liaison will facilitate these reports and pass them along to the Executive Assistant.