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AAHA—and AAHA-accredited members—are at the heart of better care for pets and their people.

AAHA accreditation matters to pet owners

Survey research shows that AAHA accreditation is becoming increasingly important to pet owners. After learning about AAHA accreditation:

  • 81% of pet owners said they would choose an AAHA-accredited veterinary practice over a nonaccredited practice
  • 51% would drive farther to have their pet treated at an AAHA-accredited practice
  • 44% would pay more for service at an AAHA-accredited practice

AAHA practice team membership

To achieve accreditation, all accredited practices will need to successfully pass the accreditation evaluation established by the AAHA Board of Directors and maintain continuous compliance with the AAHA Standards of Accreditation. All practice team members are considered to be AAHA members and will receive accredited member benefits. There is an initial $675 accreditation fee for the first evaluation. After the first evaluation, subsequent renewal evaluations are included in annual membership dues.

Traditional accreditation

  • Nonspecialty accreditation for full-service veterinary care facilities
  • Evaluated on approximately 900 standards that cover all aspects of veterinary medicine
  • Medical director is not required to be board certified (though she or he may be)

Referral accreditation

  • Individual accreditation for AVMA-recognized veterinary specialties
  • Evaluated on standards that apply only to the specialties the practice wishes to accredit
  • Medical director(s) must be board certified in each specialty the practice wishes to accredit

Affiliate (individual) memberships

If your practice is not in the position to become accredited, or you are not currently with a practice, affiliate membership is a great option. The benefits AAHA affiliate members receive, including a free subscription to our online CE platform AAHA | Learning, easily cover the cost of membership, and so much more.

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