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The value of AAHA membership

Research shows that AAHA-accredited practices have more loyal, engaged clients, earn more revenue, and have higher staff-to-doctor ratios. But many practices value the hidden benefits of natural team-building and improved morale that comes from preparing for an AAHA evaluation even more.

AAHA accreditation matters to pet owners

Survey research shows that AAHA accreditation is becoming increasingly important to pet owners. After learning about AAHA accreditation:

Pet owner statistics

Traditional accreditation

Full-service veterinary care facilities are evaluated on standards covering all aspects of veterinary medicine. A board-certified medical director is not required.

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Referral accreditation

Individual accreditation for AVMA-recognized specialties; only evaluated on applicable standards. Medical director(s) must be board-certified in each specialty.

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End-of-Life Care accreditation

Available to AAHA-accredited practices with a department dedicated to end-of-life care, or any practice solely dedicated to providing end-of-life care.

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Affiliate membership

An excellent option if your practice is not in the position to become accredited or you are not currently with a practice.

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