2018 Human Library Schedule

Check out an expert from the Human Library

During each day’s 90-minute break, you will have the opportunity to “check out” a real, live content expert from the Human Library for up to 15 minutes at a time for free, one-on-one, personalized coaching on a variety of topics. In a low-pressure setting with high-impact results, our experts will work with you to help you achieve the practice goals that matter to you. Simply pick the topic–or topics–most important to you, and sign up for a time slot at the registration desk:

Thursday, September 13:

  1. Tips on AAHA Accreditation (Anthony Merkle)
  2. Tips on culture transformation and profitability (Dr. Guylaine Charett)
  3. How to: Prepare your practice for a corporate sale (David Murvin)
  4. Tips on using nutraceuticals in veterinary medicine (Dr. Robert Silver)
  5. The importance of preventative care (Dr. Carol Barton)
  6. Tips on digital marketing and social media strategies (Kris Solberg)
  7. Tips on AAHA-accredited VMGs and profitability (Dr. Darren Taul)
  8. Tips on difficult customer service scenarios (Dr. Pam Nichols)
  9. Successful dental programs (Andrew Schultz)

Friday, September 14:

  1. Tips on AAHA Accreditation (Judy Wiita)
  2. How to: Connect with and motivate millennials (Dr. Carly Lubeck)
  3. Tips on exit strategies and practice valuation (Dr. John Tait)
  4. Tips on how to set up a successful dental practice (Danielle Heberle)
  5. How to: Set up a chart of accounts (James Heard)
  6. Tips on AAHA-accredited VMG and profitability (Adam Hechko)
  7. Tips on designing your practice (Scott Manning)
  8. Trends in the Veterinary Industry/Trends Magazine (Ben Williams)
  9. The importance of preventative care (Dr. Carol Barton)

Saturday, September 15:

  1. Tips on AAHA Accreditation (Margaret Jones)
  2. Tips on combating compassion fatigue and improving joy (Dr. Pam Nichols)
  3. Tips on improving teamwork and culture (Dr. Rick DeBowes)
  4. Best practices in veterinary wellbeing and social work (Dr. Elizabeth Strand)
  5. How to train qualified technicians (Dr. Kelly Black)
  6. What neuroscience and personality mean to your practice (David Labno)
  7. Tips on culture, mission statements, and tough management scenarios (Dr. Dermot Jevens)
  8. Tips on Myers-Briggs (Dr. Mark McConnell)
  9. Tips on culture and coaching (Randy Hall)
  10. Tips on client communication and effective messaging (Dr. Kim Farina)