Community and connection merging as one

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“We are small business owners and one of the biggest stressors for veterinarians is making sure our practices are viable. Connexity is the meld of excellent business practices with culture and wellness to provide tools to make your practice a success for all team members.”
– Dr. Mark McConnell, past AAHA president

Connexity is a unique, highly intimate, and exclusive experience for the changemakers and connection seekers of our profession.

The term “connexity” means community and connection merging as one. At a time when many in the veterinary profession are suffering from feelings of isolation and disconnection, Connexity aims to bring colleagues together and provide meaning behind what you do day in and day out.

What makes Connexity different from other conferences? A departure from the traditional veterinary conference, Connexity’s member-focused experience will focus on impactful networking and transformational learning techniques, including field trips, case study work, and small group problem solving.

Come together and learn together, at Connexity!

What makes Connexity unique?

Solutions for the issues keeping you up at night
Tired of the endless recruitment cycle? Are you losing clients and aren’t sure why? Has your team been impacted by mental health issues? Connexity is focused on finding solutions to everyday challenges in veterinary practices, so we asked you to tell us about the issues keeping you up at night–and molded our educational lineup around your needs.

Content is king queen
To help you tie a bow around all you’ve learned each day, we’re thrilled to have AAHA’s own Dr. Heather Loenser on board as Connexity’s official content weaver. As Heather explains it, a content weaver is like “an emcee on steroids.” She’ll help you “weave together” the key concepts from each session into a cohesive message so you can confidently return to your practice armed with essential takeaways and practical tips gleaned not only from the sessions you attended–but also those you didn’t.

Expertise from out human library
During each day’s 90-minute lunch break, you will have the opportunity to “check out” a real, live content expert for up to 15 minutes at a time, for a one-on-one, personalized consultation on topics like digital marketing strategies, recruiting tactics, practice finance, and much more.

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