“My superpower? I have a crazy overdeveloped sense of smell!”

Rachel Poulin

Where did you earn your degree?

AS, Columbus State Community College, 2007.

What’s your proudest career accomplishment?

I am so proud of myself for completing the process and passing the test for my VTS in small animal internal medicine (SAIM). It was a long process that took years to complete! It has opened doors for me and allowed me to develop a speaking and teaching career, so not only was in one of the smartest things I’ve done, but it is also one of my proudest accomplishments!

What gets you out of bed every morning?

Technically, what gets me out of bed every morning is a 12-year-old pit mix named Joey who does not understand that my alarm is not his breakfast bell! Other than his hunger, there are lots of things that inspire me.

Professionally, I become energized when I get to work with someone who is excited to learn, and who also allows me to learn through their eyes and see things a little differently. Passion also motivates me—technicians and assistants who hit a wall and find another way around is so inspiring to me!

What are you known for?

I think what I’m most well-known for is my work in diabetes management. It is not my only love, but probably my biggest love. There are many reasons for this, but the main one being the large role the veterinary technician can play. It’s a complex disease that encompasses so many areas of medicine, it can be exciting and fascinating. From nutrition and insulin to glucometry and the overall health and management of the patient, it can be a crazy roller coaster that provides wonderful opportunities for the veterinary technician to shine!

What’s your superpower?

I have a crazy overdeveloped sense of smell! I would not call this a good thing all the time, especially in this line of work. However, I have smelled smoke in buildings before the fire alarms were triggered!