Exploring Connexity

Welcome to Connexity 2020! We’re thrilled you could join us for our first virtual and on-demand conference. To log into the virtual platform, click below. For the best virtual experience, we recommend you access Connexity 2020 via the Chrome browser. The platform does not support Internet Explorer, but you can use Firefox (PC or Mac) or Safari (Mac) instead.

On-demand sessions are now live!

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Enter the on-demand conference hall

If you purchased a single day registration, click below and select "View Webcasts" on the landing page.

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Once you’re in the Connexity 2020 interactive conference hall:

  1. Enter the Main Stage for the opening-day awards celebration, plus daily keynote sessions each morning of the conference.
  2. Specific CE and breakout groups are under Sessions. This is also where you’ll find on-demand recordings when they’re available. 
  3. View the Agenda for session times and details.
  4. You can track your progress in the Connexity Step Challenge and find complimentary wellness resources and guided meditations in the Zen Zone—including puppy yoga—and yes, the dogs are adoptable.
  5. Take a virtual stroll through Sponsor Village to find exclusive show specials. When you click on each sponsor booth, you’ll earn a dog bone. Collect them all to be entered to win $500 for yourself and $500 for a charity of your choice.
  6. Finally, connect with experts and colleagues in the Networking Lounge. Here you can sign up for a 15-minute Human Library session, introduce yourself or ask a question in the general chat, and see live updates on our social media feed. Post your own photos to social media with hashtag #Connexity2020 and they will be included.
  7. When you have time in between sessions, browse the latest AAHA Press titles and get recommendations from our fabulous team in the AAHA book nook.
  8. Any time you have questions or need tech support, go to AAHA Central. You can chat live with practice consultants and find out what’s new with the association.

Technical Support:

  1. Trouble accessing your AAHA username and password/logging into the platform?
    1. Call AAHA at 1-800-252-2242
  2. Logged into the platform, but nothing is working?
    1. Click on AAHA Central
    2. Click on Live Tech Support
    3. Send a message and the Tech Support Team will be able to help you
  3. For all other issues, text us at 720-273-8229

How to video for AAHA Connexity Platform  

Download Connexity Workbook

Download Sponsor Village Checklist


Get the most out of your virtual experience

  • Set boundaries around your availability. Warn people that you're going to be unavailable and use the Connexity door sign to let your team know you are busy.

  • Tidy your workspace. A tidy area around your computer makes it easier to focus.

  • Minimize distractions and avoid keeping multiple tabs open (in your brain and on your screen). Avoid multitasking and try to be in the moment during the sessions.

  • Limit phone time. Save texts and social media for breaks or wait until the end of the day.

  • Take notes. Use this interactive workbook to capture things that stand out. It’s better than a notepad because you have the full Connexity 2020 schedule right here, including speaker and sponsor information.

  • Challenge yourself. These CE and networking opportunities are for your benefit. Listen as if there will be a quiz at the end of each session and don’t be shy.

  • Ask questions and engage with the presenters and other participants.

  • Use the scheduled breaks. Get up and walk around, play with a pet, grab a drink of water, use the restroom, or shake out your legs.

  • Remember to blink! Take screen breaks to protect your eyes from strain.

  • Write out your daily intention. We provide pages for reflection and contemplation in this workbook to help shape your conference experience.


Have a question? Need real-time help? Text us at: 720-273-8229