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Sponsorship Opportunities and Packages

As Connexity 2021 approaches, we will be continuously updating the availability of sponsorship opportunities. If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Pates or  Judi Casey.

Please note that all COVID restrictions and regulations will apply at Connexity.

See current availability

Package levels

Each level may also choose from a variety of a la carte priced opportunities.

Big Top


The Big Top package includes:

  • Keynote or welcome reception
  • Three Carnival items
  • Guidelines and/or Sunrise or Sunset Symposia
  • Two education sessions
  • Meal for guests
  • $3,000 marketing opportunities credit

Amusement $35,000

The Amusement package includes:

  • Two Carnival items
  • Two education sessions
  • Meal for guests
  • $5,000 marketing opportunities credit

Fairgrounds $15,000

The Fairgrounds package includes:

  • Two Carnival items
  • One education session
  • Refreshment break for guests
  • $1,000 marketing opportunities credit

Connexity $7,000

The Connexity package includes:

  • One Carnival item
  • One education session
  • $100 marketing opportunities credit

Package details

View the details and current availability for sponsorship package and a la carte items.

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Special attractions


Big Top package: Pick 1


Awards ceremony and opening keynote —Thursday
Using the Science of EQ to Stress-Proof You

Sara Ross has studied stress and the influence of emotions on performance, leadership, and burnout for over a decade. Her research shows that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) not only buffers stress but instills a sense of vitality by amplifying one’s experience and expertise, helping people make good decisions in demanding situations and creating the confidence to adapt to uncertainty. Building on cutting-edge research from positive psychology, neuroscience, and her current work coaching companies through the pandemic, Ross will share the top two behaviors to adapt now, the brain science of emotions, and a model to build more empathy at work and in your personal life.

The awards ceremony includes the AAHA-Accredited Practice of the Year award and celebrations of practices that have been accredited for 25, 50, and 75 years. Breakfast is included for guests.

Kickoff and keynote—Friday
Trust: Harness the Power of Authentic Relationships to Increase Trust and Client Engagement

What really drives trust and customer loyalty today? How do you get deep customer and client engagement time after time? Josh Packard, PhD, harnesses insights from sociological research to show some surprising answers about the way our society has changed in the last decade. Trust is simply not earned by being right or the best: It’s all about a particular kind of relationship. In this insightful talk, you’ll understand how the nature of trust and authority have shifted and how you can grow your relational authority with your clients.

Packard is a sociologist, professor, and researcher at the University of Northern Colorado, where he also serves as executive director of the Social Research Lab and host of “The Bias Disruption” podcast, which applies social science to examine how blindspots, bias, and preconceived ideas impact organizations. 

Kickoff and closing keynote—Saturday

Bertice Berry, PhD. is a sociologist, author, and award-winning lecturer who has published 11 bestselling fiction and nonfiction books. She has had a nationally syndicated television show and has appeared on The Tonight Show, Oprah Winfrey, Comedy Central, and CNN, among others. Berry has won numerous accolades for her writing and presentations, including Comedian of the Year and Lecturer of the Year. 

This session will also include the passing of the gavel from the outgoing AAHA Board of Trustees president to the new leadership.

Welcome reception—Wednesday

Guests will kick off Connexity right with a reception Wednesday night in the Western-themed Copper Canyon area of the hotel.




Amusement package: Pick 1


Anesthesia simulation workshop–Wednesday

An educational and insightful anesthesia simulation covering two 4-hour sessions (morning and afternoon) accommodating 16 guests in each session.

Anesthesia symposium–Thursday

Following up on the previous day’s workshop, this symposium will dig deeper into lessons learned about administering anesthesia as well as monitoring and helping patients recover post-procedure.

Badges and lanyards

Guests will sign in with their registration confirmation or barcode and a badge will be printed onsite with their registered sessions preloaded. Badges will include customized artwork with the sponsor’s logo and logos will also be printed on lanyards. Proofs will be provided.

Interactive workbook and pens

Enjoy repeated exposure when you sponsor interactive workbooks featuring your logo on the cover as well as in an advertisement inside. AAHA will produce the workbooks, while the sponsor supplies 500 branded pens. These workbooks and pens are the only pieces given to guests at registration. They’re heavily used throughout the conference and are sure to grab attention.

Lyft transportation–Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

Everyone loves a free ride. Take this opportunity to sponsor the code used by Connexity guests to get free Lyft transportation between the airport and the hotel. Each guest will enter this code into the app to activate their free rides on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Solutions Carnival

This year’s Connexity will have not have traditional exhibit booths like you’re used to seeing. Instead, our guests will be educated and entertained on Friday afternoon and evening by a series of sponsored demos and participatory displays, followed by a progressive dinner. This is the only meal and programming offered during this time, and all guests will be encouraged to attend.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Carnival 3:30–6:30 pm
Solutions dinner 6:00–9:00 pm


  • Big Top package: Pick up to 3
  • Amusement or Fairgrounds package: Pick up to 2
  • Connexity package: Pick 1

Innovation Alley (Play Zone) 

This fun and informative area will showcase products and ideas from our sponsors. Everything here will be designed around hands-on guest interaction and exposure to new products and ideas.

  • “Play” stations
    Ten unattended stations will be set up for guests to “play” and interact with products and technical services (i.e., a computer to access a service or concept).
  • Demonstrations
    Sponsors will provide walkthroughs of products and services, with their representatives running demonstrations at scheduled times. There are 12 slots available, and each slot is 15 minutes long.

Popcorn & Pick a Pitch 

Each pitch will include seven minutes to tell conference attendees why their product, service, or resource will change the world of veterinary medicine. There will be three minutes for Q&A with audience members (think Shark Tank). Each audience member is given "Carnival Cash" (aka monopoly money) by ushers and the moderator. Money is used by the audience to vote and choose which product, service, or resource they would invest in – the one that will “make it” in their opinion.  

Carnival Dinner 

Each sponsor hosts a different course as guests rotate through food stations to complete their meals. For example: Talk to Sponsor A while grabbing a custom cocktail, then head over to Sponsor B’s mac-and-cheese bar! This fun way to facilitate networking will be promoted by AAHA and will be the only meal scheduled for this evening.

Solutions Circles 

Small, facilitated group discussions around a common challenge for which the sponsor has a solution. The facilitator is provided by the sponsor as a business solution expert, NOT a salesperson. The idea is to provide a networking and solutions-based space where everyone is wrestling with the same problem. The facilitator should be someone who can be a thought leader and mentor on the topic.

Main Events


  • Guidelines sponsors: Pick 1 guidelines session
  • Big Top package: Pick 2 symposia
  • A la carte pricing: $5,000 each

2021 – Feline Life Stage Guidelines

Unpack the 2021 AAHA/AAFP Feline Life Stage Guidelines for the latest updates in feline health care, including detailed outlines of what to look for at each life stage in the annual physical exam and useful tools like the Feline Lifestyle Assessment Form, which has questions designed to focus on each patient’s unique disease and infection exposures.

2021 –  Nutrition and Weight Management Guidelines

The nutrition conversation is an essential, though dreaded, part of every veterinary exam. Battling against internet myths, slick marketing from often non-nutritionist-based companies, and sensitive topics such as obesity may leave veterinary team members shying away from these discussions. The new 2021 AAHA Nutrition and Weight Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats help practices defeat the online hype with tools that give clients and vet teams concrete information, resources, and value.

2021 – Telehealth Guidelines

Confused about “Connected Care?” The 2021 AAHA/AVMA Telehealth Guidelines for Small-Animal Practice are packed with how-to tips and actionable steps for using digital solutions to improve access, increase efficiency, provide better continuity of care, and strengthen the veterinarian-client bond.

Sunrise symposia— $5,000 a la carte Friday and Saturday

Provide Connexity guests an additional opportunity to obtain CE during these educational, noncommercial sessions. Two sunrise symposia will be offered each day on Friday and Saturday. Price includes app notification to guests.

Sunset symposia— $5,000 a la carte Thursday

Provide Connexity guests an additional opportunity to obtain CE during these educational, noncommercial sessions. Two sunset symposia will be offered on Thursday. Price includes app notification to guests.



  • Big Top or Amusement package: Pick 2
  • Fairgrounds package: Pick 1
  • Connexity package: Pick 1 education session
  • A la carte pricing: $2,500 per education session

Challenge Room

Guests debate and discuss challenge questions in hosted rooms with sponsored facilitators to foster good conversations on poignant topics.

How it would look at Connexity
AAHA will crowdsource three to six challenge topics. Each topic will be placed in a room or space. Guests will choose their topic, enter that room, and engage in a conversation facilitated by sponsors. Teams who come up with solutions will present to the larger group, with prizes awarded for best solution, most creative, etc.

Education sessions—Thursday through Saturday

Our general education sessions will cover a wide variety of topics sourced from the latest research, hot topics, and leading thinkers in veterinary medicine and practice today. See the schedule for session details.

Escape Room

Hosted entertainment activity where guests must clear obstacles or solve problems in order to escape.

How it would look at Connexity
This is highly customizable based on the sponsor. One example would be to have a stuffed animal  that must be saved before guests can move onto the next level or escape. Sponsors could participate in the challenge with guests, and the rooms could use sponsored tools or items specific to that company.

“Yes, and”

“Yes, and” is a type of brainstorming process where participants build off each other’s ideas. Each participant accepts what the other says (“yes”) and then expands upon that idea (“and”). It is effective, promotes communication, and encourages free sharing of ideas.

How it would look at Connexity
Guests or sponsors will present an idea to the group, which will then be given a chance to “yes, and” the concept to further the brainstorming process. For example, a DVM has an idea for team engagement at their hospital. They will present and others could chime in about why it is a great idea and what they would add. Sponsors are encouraged to actively participate in both presenting and responding to ideas.

Audience Participation

Meal or refreshment breaks—Thursday through Saturday

Sponsor refreshments or a full meal as guests network with their peers during scheduled breaks. Includes signage at each food and/or drink station.


  • Big Top or Amusement package: 1 meal
  • Fairgrounds package: 1 refreshment break
  • A la carte pricing: $5,000/break or $10,000/meal

Step Challenge—Wednesday through Saturday $5,500

How many steps will guests take during Connexity? Let’s find out! Help to encourage healthy activity and a little competition among Connexity guests by sponsoring this fun challenge. The sponsor will provide prizes to the winners. Includes recognition on the step challenge app (through MoveSpring) as well as live status updates shown on the big screen in AAHA Central.

Yoga—Wednesday through Saturday $8,000

Sponsor a yoga class with puppies and/or dogs from local shelters for up to 30 guests Wednesday through Saturday. Sponsorship includes mats and participation for one sponsor representative at each class.



  • Big Top package: $3,000 credit
  • Amusement package: $5,000 credit
  • Fairgrounds package: $1,000 credit
  • Connexity package: $100 credit
  • A la carte pricing as marked

Charging station locker $4,000

Have your brand associated with a vital customer service during Connexity when you sponsor a charging station. Each charging locker tower consists of 20 units (16 for phones and four iPad-size units) protected by safe and secure digital locks. Each locker has a universal fast-charging cord that fits all major cell phones and tablets.

Coffee / espresso station $3,000 (2 hours)

Sponsor the buzz! Provide the coffee or espresso, including milk, syrups, sweeteners, and other condiments. Sponsorship includes signage at station.

Coffee/espresso station with edible beverage toppers $5,000 ( 2 hours)

Give guests a unique reminder of your sponsorship with edible beverage toppers. When they order an espresso or coffee drink, they’ll see your logo, message, or image as if it’s been painted right on their frothed milk. In reality, these edible circles are gluten-free, nut-free, 100% vegan, kosher paper that is made of sugar and corn starch and printed with edible ink. Edible toppers meet FDA standards, have no calories and no taste or aftertaste. Sponsorhip includes signage at station.

Conference app branding

Get noticed every time guests open their Connexity app to check schedules and stay up-to-date with events during the conference. 

  • Conference app home page banner $750 (premium position)/$500
    • Art deadline: July 30 for 600x100 jpg or png file format and url link
  • Conference app sponsor upgrade $3,000
    • Premium positioning to showcase your videos, materials, or set up meetings with guests
    • Content deadline: July 30. 100x100 png file format of logo

Educational Grants $10,000

Educational grants give guests the opportunity to receive a conference registration discount when they perform an action determined by the sponsor, such as watching a video.

Guest gift cards $10,000

Brand a gift card for Connexity guests to use for refreshments while traveling or at the conference, such as a GrubHub card for food delivery, or a Starbucks card, which can be used at the onsite Starbucks.

Hotel advertising

Choose from several high-visibility advertising options in and around the Palomino ballroom. Please make your selections early to ensure you get the prime locations for your messaging.

Check options

Hotel room keys $6,000

Place your message directly in the hands of Connexity guests when you sponsor hotel room keys at the Fairmont. AAHA will provide specifications and coordinate printing and distribution of key cards. Proofs will be provided.

Post-event survey questions $8,800

Ask curated questions and receive feedback from Connexity guests about any topic of interest to you using the Connexity survey.

Preconference email advertisement $500

Just prior to the conference, guests will receive a “know before you go” email including up-to-date information about travel, arrival, and opening events. Guests will also receive an additional email with specific COVID safety information. Up to 5 advertisements in each email are available with a hyperlink. 

Room Drop $1,500 plus delivery charges

Sponsor a gift to be delivered to all AAHA-member hotel rooms on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. AAHA will coordinate with sponsor to choose a gift of value to guests, which can include a personalized message with sponsor information. One room drop per day available.

Sanctuary schwag $2,000 Thursday

Each guest will have an assigned seat in the main stage area. To distinguish the desks and explain the safety rules, each desk will feature a name tent, safety instructions, and a mask.

Sponsored bag 

Be seen and continue to get your name out there with a sponsored bag to be left on each desk chair in the main stage. Bag will need to be provided by sponsor.

Wellness icebreakers $700 each

Fitness experts come to your meeting area to conduct 15-minute feel-good opportunities. All sessions can be done in business attire—no special shoes or fitness clothing required.

  • Find your focus: Many of us hold our breath when we’re anxious or angry; and take shallow breaths when we’re stressed. Our yoga/movement expert will get blood flowing through gentle yoga stretches and breathing exercises to refocus energy and reduce stress. The exercises are easy to learn and can be used anywhere.
  • Laughing yoga: Laughter is the best medicine . . . for reducing blood pressure and stress while increasing endorphins. Our yoga/movement expert will guide your group through a series of laughter exercises and soon the laughter will become contagious. A great way to loosen up a group and build team morale. Can be done seated and is appropriate for all.
  • Tension buster: Our bodies and minds are often so tense that we assume this is our natural state. Through guided tensing and relaxing of muscles, attendees will feel refreshed and energized. Their minds will begin to let go of tension, resulting in a rejuvenated state.
  • Time to move: Short, fast, and fun. Our fitness experts will do some simple moves for a fun and quick workout to get the blood flowing. No dance experience required!

Wireless internet $5,000

Keep guests connected throughout the conference with wireless internet in all meeting rooms. Your logo will appear on a welcome splash page where guests sign in. Your company name or word of choice can also be used for the password to access the internet. Sponsorship includes recognition on printed piece attached to pin for all guests. Deadline for sponsor commitment is May 24 with art provided by June 17th (if  designed by sponsor).


A la carte pricing: $3,000

Exhibitor Details

Reach the best of the best. As a Connexity sponsor, you’ll meet veterinary team members, owners, and care providers who are dedicated to continuously improving the delivery of care in small-animal practices. More access means more exposure for your brand!

Exhibitor Registration

Reach the best of the best. Wednesday, September 22, 1:00 pm−5:00 pm (same as general registration)

Friday "Solutions Carnival"

Location: Palomino 4─7/Palomino Foyer
11:00 am─3:00 pm: Set-up
3:30 pm─6:30 pm: Solutions carnival hours
3:30 pm−6:30 pm: Highboy table exhibit hours
6:30 pm−9:00 pm: Solutions dinner/networking

Saturday Exhibitor Tables

Location: Palomino Foyer
7:30 am–1:00 pm: Table visits
7:45 am−8:00 am: Before keynote
9:45 am─10:00 am: During break
12:00 pm−1:00 pm: Through lunch

Exhibitor table set-up

  • 1 draped highboy table
  • 2 highboy chairs
  • Bring your pop-up (24 to 48 inches wide)

Hand out tickets for prizes!

To encourage Connexity guests to mingle, each exhibitor will pass out tickets that guests can redeem for prizes. The more tickets, the bigger the prize!

Hotel advertising

Choose from several high-visibility advertising options in and around the Palomino ballroom. Please make your selections early to ensure you get the prime locations for your messaging.

View options