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Submissions due April 13

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Why can’t seriously good learning be seriously fun?

Have you always dreamed of standing on a stage and clicking a pointer while a roomful of silent people stare at you? If so, you might want to stop reading now.

AAHA is searching for your best, brightest, and boldest ideas as we reimagine what veterinary CE can be through unique learning experiences. Have you come up with a creative, evidence-based solution to a common industry challenge? We want to hear from you!

When and where

Connexity 2021 by AAHA will take place September 22–25 at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Scottsdale, Arizona. Facilitators must be able to attend in person.

Seeking powerful learning experiences

A typical presentation is a one-way street, where the lecturer talks, and everyone listens. An experience, on the other hand, is designed with the learner in mind.

“Experience facilitators” ask themselves:

  • What will get audiences engaged and interacting?
  • What will challenge and provoke them to think?
  • What makes the learner feel as though they played an active role in learning?

The best proposals include:

  • Entertaining and engaging elements
  • Immediately applicable information
  • Tangible takeaways
  • Beyond-entry-level skills

All experiences are 60 minutes. Concurrent double sessions will be considered as content necessitates. Multiple proposals are welcome from the same facilitator, as long as they are on different themes or topics.

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Or read on to learn more of what we’re looking for.

Scientific vs. nonscientific sessions

Scientific proposals must be at least 50% case-study based. You may use a PowerPoint or slides and a traditional lecture format, but interactive experiences are preferred.

Nonscientific formats must be interactive and not “death by PowerPoint.” Skills and knowledge presented must be beyond the surface level and contain practical applications. Guests must receive tools and takeaways they can use immediately in their practices.

Session format examples

  • Interactive panel: Discussion based on one or several related topics with up to three presenters and one moderator.
  • Case studies: Compelling real-world experience and applications. Thoroughly examines a topic or business case related to the veterinary industry.
  • Debate: Up to four presenters and one moderator. Typically, two debate the pro side and two debate against. Built-in time for discussion is encouraged.
  • Trivia or interactive game: Play off competition and make learning fun while keeping your learning objectives in mind.
  • Small group workshop: Focused on a specific topic or question, aiming at working together to target a common goal.
  • Roundtable discussion: Allows for extended discussion among a small group of attendees who can give and receive targeted feedback, engage in in-depth discussions, and meet others with similar interests.

For more information or any questions, please contact the Connexity Content Team.

Topics of interest

We’re open to any and all good ideas, with special interest in:

  • CPR/Anesthesia
  • Emergency Medicine
  • End of Life Care
  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Future-focused applications for any topic area
  • In-depth finance
  • Leadership and mentorship
  • Marketing strategies and solutions
  • Technician Utilization
  • Telehealth

Facilitator FAQs


Why present?

  • Engage in an amazing professional development opportunity
  • Collaborate with experts in the field
  • Design a learning experience that no one’s ever seen before
  • Be part of a dynamic community

When will facilitators be notified?

AAHA will review completed applications on a rolling basis until April 9. We will not consider incomplete applications. Selected facilitators will be notified by mid- to late April.

What will I be asked to submit?

Contact info, type of session (scientific/non scientific), session format, description of session (300 words max), top three learning objectives, and intended audience.

Session selection criteria

Sessions will be selected based on the overall quality of the submission, as well as:

  • A valuable and relevant topic that advances the field
  • A clearly written session description and three clearly defined learning objectives
  • A solid outline of takeaways and applications for how attendees can use this in their daily work
  • The value of the facilitator’s depth of knowledge and professional experience
  • The contribution of the content to the overall balance of the Connexity schedule

References to other materials

You must get prior approval if you refer to other organizations’ resources or published materials. Facilitators are responsible for complying with copyright laws.

In-person requirement

The facilitator must be present and on-site in Arizona for the in-person Connexity conference. Currently, we are not allowing virtual presentations in September.

Facilitator cancellation

AAHA requires a 60-day notice if a selected facilitator cannot attend so the session can be replaced.

Facilitator no-show

Failure by a facilitator to appear at Connexity will mean the session will be cancelled.  Facilitators MAY NOT substitute another facilitator without express written consent of the Connexity Program Chairs. Any facilitator who no-shows is barred from submitting a future presentation in the next year.


Speakers should adhere to business casual attire.


Speakers should be effectively able to use microphones, laptop computers, and other tools required for their presentations.

Special accommodations

Connexity is sensitive to the needs of facilitators who require special accommodations. We ask that facilitators let us know about this in advance when submitting your proposal by noting any accommodations on the submission form. A request for accommodation will have no negative impact on the selection process.