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FAQ and Top 10 things to see and do at Connexity


  1.  ER Escape Room 
    Can you make it out without losing your sanity (or a finger)?
  2. Anesthesia Simulation 
    The drama of real-life with the benefit of a simulated patient.
  3. Dr. Sue Cancer Vet 
    You’ve seen her at big conferences, now connect in-person.
  4. Inspiring Keynotes 
    Every seat’s the best in the house.
  5. Solutions Carnival 
    Collect carnival tickets for prizes, and brush up on solutions to your common problems in our fresh take on the exhibit hall.
  6. Opening Night
    Giddy-up to a cowboy-ready hangout with fun activities, live music, and mouthwatering food. 
  7. Relax
    Book a spa treatment or a round of world-class golf.
  8. Improv Class 
    Change the way you view communications in your practice. 
  9. Sunrise Yoga 
    De-stress while doing downward dogs at sunrise yoga.
  10. Special Features 
    Dive deeper into end-of-life care, anesthesia, nutrition, and ER skills. 

What does “connexity” mean? >

The term “connexity” means community and connection merging as one. At a time when many in the veterinary profession are suffering from feelings of isolation and disconnection, AAHA is excited to bring colleagues together to help support their peers, celebrate and shape the future of our profession, and inspire the next generation of innovators and leaders. 

Where is Connexity 2021 taking place? >

Connexity will be held at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Scottsdale, Arizona, from Wednesday, September 22 until Saturday, September 25, 2021. 

Will there be a virtual option? >

No, this conference will take place in-person only.  All of our presenters will be in-person.  

Who is eligible to attend Connexity? >

Anyone in the veterinary industry! 

Is there a hotel available? >

Yes, please view the hotel information page to view more information.   

We have a discounted room rate at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess during the dates of the conference.

COVID-19 Safety >

At AAHA, we're committed to keeping you safe and informed with key updates, advice, and recommendations for a safe conference experience. Connexity will adhere to safety protocols and guidelines from the CDC as well as the venue. Please check back for updates as information becomes available. 

Will there be transportation to the hotel? >

Thanks to CareCredit, a Lyft code will be available to use for a ride to and from the airport. More information will be provided in a pre-event email.  

What should I bring with me? >

In addition to your standard travel items, we recommend bringing: 

  • Your session notes, either in hard copy form or downloaded to your preferred device 
  • Notebook, laptop, or tablet for extra notetaking 
  • Smartphone or tablet with Connexity mobile app installed 

What is the dress code? >

Dress code is casual. Bring layers, because while Arizona is hot, the meeting space may be cool. 

Will I receive a program onsite? >

We will have a printed interactive workbook for you onsite.  However, the most up-to-date information can always be found on the Connexity mobile app. 

Are animals allowed? >

The hotel allows for service dogs only. Please indicate if you are bringing a service dog on your registration form when you register.  

Is Wi-Fi Available for Connexity? >

Thanks to a sponsorship by MWI, we will be offering free Wi-Fi during the conference. Log in information will be available in the mobile app or workbook upon arrival.  

Will food allergies be accommodated? >

Connexity works closely with the hotel to create menus that can be enjoyed by all attendees. The menu selections provided will accommodate for any food allergies you have noted within registration.  All food will be labeled, and knowledgeable banquet staff can answer questions. If you did not note your dietary requirements on your registration within 30 days before the event, we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate your needs. Please note: Onsite orders cannot be accommodated. 

How many hours of continuing education can I obtain by attending the Conference? >

Connexity is approved for a total of 69.5 hours of continuing education credit (42.0 medical hours, 27.5 nonmedical hours) via lecture/seminar delivery in jurisdictions that recognize RACE approval, with a maximum of 24.5 CE hours available to any individual veterinarian or veterinary technician.

Are Connexity sessions RACE-approved? >

Yes, Connexity 2021 is RACE approved for a total of 69.5 hours of continuing education credit (42.0 medical hours, 27.5 nonmedical hours) via lecture/seminar delivery in jurisdictions that recognize RACE approval, with a maximum of 24.5 CE hours available to any individual veterinarian or veterinary technician.


Are Connexity sessions approved by any specialty organizations? >

Nonmedical courses at Connexity are approved by the VHMA for CVPM CE requirements.  

AAHA educational programs are all approved by the New York Board of Veterinary Medicine.  

Does Connexity provide a record of the sessions I attend? >

We do not currently offer this as a feature for our live programs. It is up to the attendees to track the sessions they attend.  

What can I do to track my sessions? >

We recommend downloading the Connexity app once it becomes available. You can build your own schedule of sessions you plan to attend and use that to calculate the hours of CE you attend. 

Can I use Connexity to fulfill my CE requirements for license/registration renewal? >

This depends on the jurisdiction that oversees your license(s). We recommend verifying with your state board if you have any questions about whether Connexity will satisfy any license/registration renewal requirements. 

How can I get a certificate of attendance? >

AAHA will provide you with a CE letter at the end of the conference. Using the honor system, you will use this letter to self-report how many hours you attended. 

How and when can I access the session notes and facilitator presentations? >

Guests will be able to access any proceedings or notes that have been provided to us in our mobile app. Tap on a session and scroll down to the Documents section to view and download.  

Should I download and print documents ahead of time? >

We strongly encourage you to download and/or print any facilitator notes before arriving at Connexity, for the following reasons: 

  • Onsite download times for large files will vary depending on how many attendees are using the complimentary Wi-Fi at the time. 
  • The only place onsite to print notes is the hotel business center. 
  • Disclaimer: We make every effort to collect proceedings and notes from our facilitators, but not all facilitators provide these items.  

The notes and/or presentation for a session I want to attend are not listed. How can I get a copy? >

If a session does not include documents, it is likely because that facilitator did not provide these materials.  If we receive them at a later date, we will update the mobile app.  

Will recordings be available for viewing or purchase? >

No, Connexity will not be providing audio or video recordings of any sessions during our in-person conference.  


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