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Reading the Room: Veterinary Triage

Evaluate the patient. Calm the clients. Notify the team. Treat the patient. Repeat! Veterinary technicians and nurses are the first responders in the ER, and triaging requires way more than a brief onceover. This session covers every aspect of an ER veterinary triage, from input to intake, and informs you how to implement effective triage into your practice. Useful for general practics and specialty centers, via telemedicine and in-person. You won't just be reading a temp, you'll be reading the whole room!


  • Learn Triage 101: patient evaluation nose to toes
  • Discover what telemedicine means for a veterinary technician/nurse
  • Understand the roles of vet techs/nurses throughout the process
  • Incorporate a thorough triage team in the overall workflow in any veterinary setting

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Alyssa Mages, BS, CVT

alyssa mages

Alyssa Mages is the chief visionary officer (CVO) of EVT (Empowering Veterinary Teams) where she directs the company's content development, clinical skills training, and overall vision. She co-founded EVT to provide training programs, materials, coaching, and learning opportunities for veterinary practices, as well as content development and training directives for industry service providers.

Alyssa graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a bachelor's in marine biology which led her to the education and conservation track. She later attained an associate's degree in veterinary technology from Manor College and added CVT to her credentials.

She has more than 16 years of veterinary experience, working in numerous sectors and holding leadership roles, including lead veterinary technician, adjunct professor, and education and development coordinator. Alyssa’s love of teaching and passion for the education, evolution, and  empowerment of support team members in veterinary medicine led to the launch of EVT in October of 2019.