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The 4 Ps of Positive Leadership: A Framework for Leading Thriving Veterinary Teams

As someone in a leadership position, you don’t wake up in the morning looking forward to ruining the day for the people you lead. Quite the contrary: Fulfillment, for you, comes when you feel you’ve made a positive impact on your team and helped energize them around a common purpose. So often, the day-to-day fires get in the way and we lose sight of what makes leadership meaningful, impactful, and productive in the smoke. This session explores an evidence-based framework for positive leadership in a format any veterinary professional can embrace and effectively implement. The "4 Ps" Framework provides leaders with actionable tools to whisk away the smoke and enliven common goals in a way that motivates teams and helps the human beings doing the good work reach toward their best selves. You will leave with tangible, evidence-based practices for enabling the best in the people you lead.


  • Be introduced to the science of positive leadership and human motivation
  • Understand the benefits of positive leadership for people, teams, and organizations
  • Learn the 4 Ps Framework and how to apply it


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Josh Vaisman, CCFP, MAPPCP

josh vaisman

Running a veterinary hospital is friggin’ hard work, and Josh Vaisman understands the struggle. A proud member of the veterinary community since 1995, he leapt into practice management and ownership in 2009, and continued in two small-animal hospitals until 2018.

A lifetime optimist and “happy guy,” Josh was shocked to find himself feeling spent, alone, and crying over breakfast while his surprised wife looked on with disbelief. Recognizing he had burnt himself out, he made the difficult decision to step away and recapture his authentic self. He co-founded Flourish Veterinary Consulting LLC, earned certifications in positive psychology, workplace culture, and building effective teams, and is pursuing a master’s degree in applied positive psychology and coaching psychology.

Josh lives in Colorado with his amazing wife, three insane parrots, one Great Dane that occasionally shares the couch, a 7-pound cat known as the Golden Child, some fish tanks, and a few beehives. In his free time, he enjoys teaching about beekeeping, playing indoor soccer, and dreaming of moving to Kauai.