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Using the Science of EQ to Stress-Proof You

Both at work and at home, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has been one of the most heavily tested skills of 2020. Never has it been as important to demonstrate, and yet, in the face of constant uncertainty, working virtually, and on the heels of a global pandemic—never has it been as difficult to practice, especially when feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted. In this keynote, Sara Ross is going to help you change that.

Sara has studied stress and the influence of emotions on performance, leadership, and burnout for more than a decade, and her research shows that EQ not only buffers stress, but it also instills a sense of vitality by amplifying one’s experience and expertise, helping people make good decisions in demanding situations, and creating the confidence to adapt to uncertainty. Perhaps most importantly, EQ is key to building strong connections to help you manage your energy both at work and at home.

Building on cutting-edge research from positive psychology, neuroscience, and her current work coaching companies through the pandemic, Sara will share:

  • The top two behaviors that differentiate the best from the rest, and the mindset shifts that are required to practice them regardless of your role or title
  • The brain science of emotions with insights to more effectively separate work and home and cope with "digital depletion" brought on by virtual collaboration
  • A stress-buffering strategy to deal with difficult emotions, manage energy, and adapt to change
  • A model to help extend empathy for others’ experiences, emotions, and unique circumstances while also addressing challenges and your needs in a head-on, trust-strengthening way

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Sara Ross

sara ross

Sara Ross and her company, BrainAMPED, provide brain-based tools to decrease stress and exhaustion and increase leadership vitality by strengthening energy management, emotional intelligence, and resilience. Sara's ideas and research are earning her a reputation as a fresh and thought-provoking voice in discussions on the future of work.

Sara spent a decade immersed in the neuroscience of emotional intelligence (EQ) and performance at a leadership training company where she served as vice president and global head of leadership innovation, research, and training.

She has worked with Fortune 500 companies (Microsoft, UnitedHealth Group, Verizon, Sprint, Rogers and Allstate, Procter and Gamble, and New York Life); tech companies ( Adobe and Salesforce); financial firms (Scotiabank, Fidelity, BMO, TD Bank, and PwC); pharmaceutical companies (Sunovion and Bayer); educational institutes (Smith College and the University of Toronto); various healthcare associations across North America; and the leadership team of the NBA’s Orlando Magic.