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My research-driven insights reveal opportunities in places organizations, entrepreneurs and executives have been conditioned to ignore.  As an expert in organizational commitment and design, I help you to think differently in order to drive true and lasting innovation and client engagement. 

I have a passion for translating complex academic ideas into accessible and actionable insights for industries who are looking to engage and inspire a new, modern workforce that has shifted dramatically in recent years.  I’ve been a keynote speaker for numerous groups and thousands of people, and I host "The Bias Disruption" podcast where each week we use social science to take a look at how your blind spots, biases and preconceived ideas can impact your organization without you even knowing it.   

I am a sociologist, professor, and researcher at the University of Northern Colorado, where I also serve as the Executive Director of the Social Research Lab.  My research has appeared in numerous academic and trade publications. I earned my bachelor's degree in English from Texas Lutheran University, and my master's and PhD in Sociology from Vanderbilt University.