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About Veterinary Visionaries

Veterinary Visionaries is a collaboration of veterinary associations bringing their collective memberships together to share ideas, co-create, and unify our industry’s approach to solving shared challenges.

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We believe the members of veterinary associations share a variety of interests and challenges and, as such, are better served by a broad collaboration among our organizations rather than individual or piecemeal approaches.    


Veterinary Visionaries will put our collective members at the center of identifying and tackling shared challenges via unique, valuable, and inclusive experiences. 


The first Veterinary Visionaries project was the virtual Changemakers event on April 7, 2021, where we heard stories of unsung heroes in all roles who found creative hacks, stepped outside job descriptions, and changed things for the better during the pandemic.  

Up Next  

The founders of Veterinary Visionaries are gathering feedback and survey data from our first event, and we’ll be deciding soon what the next steps in our collaboration will be. Here are some ideas we’re working on. 

  • Idea #1: We could host another virtual event such as a great debate on a complicated issue that affects the profession.  
  • Idea #2: We could conduct industry research on a challenge shared by the members of our associations, leading to a “hackathon” event where our members design solutions together (in the spirit of a social good hackathon).  
  • Idea #3: We could create an online platform to crowdsource solutions for structured challenges similar to openideo.com. We would define the problems with your input, and provide the place for the best solutions to be created, vetted, voted on, and progressed forward. 


Got another idea? We’re all ears. Shoot us an email at [email protected]


Veterinary Visionaries is supported through an educational grant to AAHA from Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc. and Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.