Indispensable Associate Initiative: Professional Skills Workshops

Everything new associates need to know—but weren’t taught—to succeed in a veterinary practice

You’re a whiz with drug dosages, your palpation game is on point, and you can practically place sutures in your sleep. You’re ready to practice, right? Almost.

Some things aren’t taught in veterinary school. Gain the key professional skills you need to contribute to a successful practice—and be healthier, savvier, and more fulfilled—with the Indispensable Associate Initiative: Professional Skills Workshops.

Designed to meet the specific needs of 2015–2019 graduates, this program provides seven CE credits.

AAHA and Zoetis Petcare are proud to offer this program at no cost to attendees.

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Course overview

After just one day, attendees will return to their practice ready to:

  • Navigate conflict with confidence
  • Remove client compliance and communication barriers
  • Improve team interactions by recognizing different communication styles
  • Pay off student debt (yes, really!) and invest in retirement
  • Do more with less by offering gold-standard care within limited means
  • Stop dreading “the money conversation”
  • Embrace positivity, learn to say “no,” and forgive others

Learning facilitators

Jason Coe, DVM, PhD

“The first few years of practice are a critical transition period for any veterinarian; I feel privileged to have this opportunity to engage with this enthusiastic group of early career veterinarians as together we explore challenges, share experiences, and build on their successes.”


VETgirl’s Justine Lee, DVM, DACVECC, DABT

“Having practiced in the trenches of emergency veterinary medicine for the past 20 years, I know how hard it is. I’ve personally battled overwhelming student debt, suicide ideation, compassion fatigue, and burnout—that’s why I’m honored to share my story, journey, and life hacks with my fellow colleagues in this unique program.”


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“I was able to take the information back to my practice and start implementing ideas immediately.”

Blake Marcum, DVM

Capitol Illini Veterinary Services