Ed Goodman

Goodman-crop.jpgAn inventive thinker, visionary and creatively-oriented technical and management professional, Ed Goodman’s career has spanned the fields of experience design, marketing, strategic planning, engineering, land planning, education, television/media production, entertainment and non-profit think tank management. He has over 30 years of interdisciplinary problem-solving experience, with consistent effectiveness in ideation and implementation of optimal solutions. Ed crafted new thinking models known as the Challenge-Solution Model, the Visioneering Process, Creative Dreamscaping and is a co-creator with Dave Goodman of the Spiral Thinking Theory and author of the new ebook, “Creating The New American Dream – The Spiral Renaissance Theory.” He is a co-founder of The MindShare Network, The Global Network for Dreams, Hope and Life Activation (www.MindShareNetwork.com).

Ed is focused on helping people and organizations realize their dreams through creative collaboration and transformation. Using the principles of experience design, spiral thinking, functional creativity and organizational development, he helps create new world cultures, first-to-the-world experiences and inspirational master plans for his clients. Ed believes that together we can create inspiring strategies, produce unforgettable experiences, forge long-term relationships and create lasting legacies. Ed was a recipient of the global EXPY Award as the Experience Design and Stager of the Year for his work with the engineering and community planning firm TST, Inc. Ed has extensive experience with creative organizations including The Walt Disney Company, where he was an expert consultant, think tank member, strategic planning advisor, marketing strategist, education product producer and television producer.

Ed is a futurist and visionary in developing new applications for health care facility design and cultural transformation centered around the principal of creating highly personal and memorable experiences. His works includes the design and strategic transformation of dozens of facilities across the USA. These facilities include major health care networks in California (hospitals, emergency departments, women’s centers, clinics, specialty outpatient clinics, etc.), Pennsylvania (clinics, hospitals, outpatient centers), Massachusetts (clinics, outpatient centers), Missouri (hospitals, clinics, outpatient centers, life centers, staff development centers, universities) and more.

As a co-founder of The MindShare Network, Ed has created web-based, self-directed, organizational culture and experience transformation tools. These tools unleash ideas, build executable strategies, and implementation plans that lead to new experiences. The suite of toolkits includes: Engagement, Happiness, Innovation, Career, Life and Health. The MindShare Network seeks to engage millions of individuals within organizations as a means to create positive organizational development and personal engagement and happiness.

He has also crafted inventive community designs, plans and activated experience plans for large scale communities, downtown revitalization, urban infill projects, sports complexes, entertainment complexes and mixed use environments. He was part of a team that designed the master vision plans that literally created a new town, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA and many projects in California, Colorado, Kansas and Florida. Projects in northern Colorado include Old Town Fort Collins, Water Valley - Windsor, Centerra - Loveland, Mason Corridor Experience - Ft Collins, and Colorado State University - New Student Center, Moby Arena Renovation, Stadium Fan Experience, Clark Renovation, etc.

In the field of education, Ed has received a CINDY Award as the K-12 education product of the year for his series of music education programs called Disney’s World of Music Discovery. He produced a volleyball sports training series for high schools and colleges in cooperation with leading coaches and the USA Volleyball organization (Olympic program). Ed co-created the MindShare Foundation, a global youth ambassador network of more than 80,000 students from 26 countries. This program engaged students in educational exchange and communication using the arts as a conduit for connections. It also featured students dreams for their future and special guest challenges from world leaders such as Arun Ghandi, and the Dalai Lama. The program also worked with the NASA Space Program, as student classrooms worked directly with NASA Astronauts to conduct plant science experiments from seeds born on the International Space Station. Currently, Ed is a speaker, thinkshop presenter and consultant to colleges, universities and public schools... hosting Creative Leadership, Spiral Thinking and Inner Genius programs and helping schools implement new creative thinking models. Ed is the instructor for a series of online education programs on Creative Organizational Development at Colorado State University Online.

Ed is a frequent keynote speaker and leadership guide including presentations and workshops for TEDxCSU, Professional Development Institute, Universities, Healthcare Facilities Conference, Healthcare Design Conference, Health Care Facilities Conference, Colorado State University President’s Leadership Institute, Emerging Leaders of Colorado, The Future of Engineering in Los Angeles, Veterinary Management Institute, American Animal Health Association, Executive Forums in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins, The Future of Heath Care Design in Nashville, the Collegiate Alumni Association Executives in Scottsdale, Arts Entrepreneurship, and more. He is a leadership, experience design and organizational change navigation guide for large healthcare networks in California, Washington, Massachusetts, Colorado, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Ed has written two books on organizational transformation for individual companies, and is a co-author of dozens of experience design guidebooks that are specific to organizational development and transformation of healthcare networks.