Vaccine Types

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Technologies employed in the manufacturing of vaccines for animals have expanded significantly over the past decade. Today in veterinary medicine the number of licensed vaccines continues to grow, driven largely by the need to protect dogs and cats against emerging pathogens, enhance vaccine safety, and improve immunogenicity of existing vaccines. However, the recent introduction of Therapeutic Biologics into veterinary medicine highlights the role of novel vaccine types licensed for the treatment, rather than prevention, of disease (especially cancer) in dogs and cats.

The list of Vaccine Types (below) corresponds with categories of vaccines recognized by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, but it has been modified to correspond with the terminology used throughout this version of the AAHA Canine Vaccination Guidelines. Examples include vaccines licensed for both dogs and cats.

Attenuated Vaccine
Inactivated Vaccine
Recombinant Vaccine
Toxoid Vaccines
Therapeutic Biologics