Educational Programs 

      • Distance Education Veterinary Technician Program (DEVTP)
        From assistants to credentialed technicians in as few as five semesters. Improve your practice, careers, and pet health. Scholarships are now available!
      • Veterinary Management Institute (VMI)
        AAHA’s executive leadership program where you can connect with a cohort of professional peers and learn to lead together as you work with expert facilitators.
      • Better Medicine Workshop (BMW)
        AAHA has partnered with Zoetis to design an enlightening, blended learning experience for every member of the veterinary team who wants to gain hands-on skills for the nonmedical part of the job, such as client communications, overcoming professional challenges, and caring for your own wellbeing.

The Annual Conference of AAHA

        • AAHA Con 2023
          Save the date! September 20-23, 2023 | Grand Hyatt Hotel, San Diego, CA. 

AAHA's Most Recent Guidelines



        • Central Line: The AAHA Podcast
          We hope veterinary professionals in all roles, from client care to practice owner, will enjoy and benefit from these conversations. Join us as Central Line takes you to the heart of exceptional veterinary care.
        • Go-To Practice Solutions
          Go-To Solutions Series case study videos. Each month, AAHA will shine light on an industry issue and offer a solution which is validated through research.
        • Publicity Toolbox

Practice Tools

        • Microchip lookup
          The following is a search tool to assist in the identification of microchip registries. It will not return pet owner information, but rather, identify which registries should be contacted.

AAHA Membership

        • What is AAHA accreditation?
          AAHA accreditation is a set of veterinary practice standards that improves patient care and practice culture, fosters a sense of community, and provides the resources needed to help your practice succeed.
        • AAHA Accreditation: Getting Started
          While achieving AAHA accreditation can seem daunting at first, it’s actually a very straightforward process. 

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