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2022 AAHA Pain Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats

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Pain management is a cornerstone of veterinary clinical practices. Swiftly and effectively addressing pain is not only a professional obligation, it's also essential to successful outcomes and the nurturing of veterinarian-client-pet relationships.

The all-new 2022 AAHA Pain Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats provides a team-based approach to the assessment and management of acute and chronic pain in canine and feline patients.

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These guidelines help veterinarians and veterinary team members:

  • Confidently and accurately create reproducible pain assessment in cats and dogs
  • Develop an initial therapy plan with guidance on reassessing and adjusting the plan as needed
  • Discuss pain management as a therapeutic continuum consisting of assessment, treatment, reassessment, and plan revision

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Since 1933, the American Animal Hospital Association has been the only organization to accredit veterinary hospitals throughout the United States and Canada based on standards directly correlated to high-quality medicine and compassionate care. Accreditation in veterinary medicine is voluntary. The AAHA-accredited logo is the best way to know a practice has been evaluated by a third party. 

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1 “Practice Analysis Report,” VetSuccess, 2019 
2 Financial and Productivity Pulsepoints, 10th Edition, Lakewood, CO: AAHA Press