Hospitality in healthcare? How it can transform the veterinary experience

In her new book, Hospitality in Healthcare, Debbie Boone, CVPM, demonstrates how shifting to a hospitality-driven mindset can transform the clinic experience for practice teams, clients, and patients.

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Want to take your practice from good to great? Try embracing a client-first mindset. That’s what Hospitality in Healthcare, a much-needed new book from practice management expert Debbie Boone, CVPM, is all about.  

Growing up with restaurateurs for parents, Boone learned firsthand how exceptional hospitality garners loyal clients and transforms the lives of employees—and she wants healthcare professionals to reap those benefits.  

Drawing on her personal background and 35 years of working closely with veterinary teams, Boone demonstrates how shifting to a hospitality-driven mindset can transform the clinic experience for practice teams, clients, and patients.  

Here are some of Boone’s top tips on how you can put hospitality into day-to-day practice at your clinic for the betterment of everyone:  

Make visits special with “certificates of bravery” 

As you know, veterinary appointments aren’t always something your patients look forward to. Take your clinic’s hospitality to a new level by issuing personal “certificates of bravery.” This helps make visits memorable and shows that you and your team genuinely care. 

No judgment at the clinic  

Thinking with a servant’s heart is paramount in providing a top-tier veterinary care experience. Doing this means making the clinic a no-judgment zone and treating all clients and patients equally. Everyone should walk into a friendly environment and receive the same warm customer service regardless of race, age, gender, or socioeconomic status. Be aware of any time you notice another team member, or even yourself, jumping to conclusions about a client. Like Boone says in her book, our job in medicine is to help and heal, not to judge. 

Don’t blindside clients with cost 

Essential care like vaccinations, parasite prevention, and radiographs can add up, and often clients don’t realize how much these things cost until they are handed the bill. Being transparent about the cost of a veterinary visit establishes trust and helps pet owners avoid unnecessary stress. Telling clients about flexible financing options like the CareCredit health and pet care credit card and Pets Best Pet Health Insurance can also help give them peace of mind. 

Do the utmost for your teammates  

Going above and beyond to connect with coworkers can alleviate stress and burnout. When you’re ultra-welcoming to new hires and provide excellent mentorship, you don’t just create a friendly work environment, you cultivate a loyal team that sticks around. Try taking the new technician out to lunch his first week on the job, or let the new kennel worker know you’re there if she has any questions. 

Take time to perfect your atmosphere   

Your facility should reflect the values of your team and your leadership. Find small ways to make your clients and patients feel welcome as soon as they walk in.  


Hospitality in Healthcare, supported by educational sponsors CareCredit and Pets Best, is filled with positive motivations, empowering actions, and touching stories from Boone’s many years of experience. Order your copy today at to start finding renewed meaning in your veterinary career. 

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