VIDEO: Takeaways and action items from AAHA’s ‘Stay, Please’ Retention Study

Dive into key insights from AAHA’s ‘Stay, Please’ study, highlighting takeaways, actionable steps, and themes to never forget.

By Connor Dunwoodie

In this video, we will look at the insights of our “Stay, Please” retention study, bringing together key findings in a “3, 2, 1” format: 

  • 3 takeaways 
  • 2 actionable steps 
  • 1 crucial point never to forget  

The full study can be accessed on AAHA’s website at 

Want to learn more? We’ve got an upcoming webinar with our CEO, Garth Jordan, highlighting the path to improved retention. 

This article is part of our Stay, Please series, which focuses on providing resources (as identified in our Stay, Please retention study) to retain the 30% of all veterinary professionals considering leaving their clinical practice. Here at AAHA, we believe you were made for this work, and we are committed to making clinical practice a sustainable career choice for every member of the team. 


 Connor Dunwoodie is AAHA’s Senior Content Manager. 

Photo credit:  iStock / Getty Images Plus 

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