What does it mean to be an employer of choice in veterinary medicine?

Want to stand out in a job-seeker’s market? Offer a compelling employee value proposition.

Sponsored content by Cory Friedman, Managing Director, Alera Group’s Veterinary Division 

Being an “employer of choice” means that an organization is highly regarded and sought after by job seekers. It refers to being an employer that stands out from competitors and attracts top talent due to its positive reputation, desirable work environment, employee-centric practices, and compelling employee value proposition. 

Here are some traits associated with being an employer of choice: 

  • Strong Employer Brand: An employer of choice has a well-defined and positive employer brand. This brand encompasses the practice’s mission, values, culture, and employee experience. It resonates with job seekers and creates a sense of desirability and credibility. 
  • Competitive Compensation and Benefits: Being an employer of choice often means offering competitive compensation packages and comprehensive benefits. This includes fair salaries, attractive incentives, retirement plans, health insurance coverage, and other benefits like dental, vision, and disability programs, work-life balance initiatives, and other perks that demonstrate the practice’s commitment to employee wellbeing. 
  • Positive Work Environment: Employers of choice foster a positive work environment where employees feel valued, supported, and motivated. They promote inclusivity, respect, and open communication. This includes providing opportunities for career growth and development, recognizing and rewarding achievements, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. 
  • Employee Wellbeing and Support: Employers of choice prioritize the wellbeing and support of their employees. This can include offering wellness programs, employee assistance programs (EAPs), mental health support, flexible work arrangements, and initiatives that promote a healthy work-life integration. 
  • Positive Reputation and Employer Recognition: Being an employer of choice often comes with a positive reputation within the industry and broader community. These organizations are recognized as top employers and may receive awards or accolades for their commitment to employees. 

Being an employer of choice has numerous benefits, including attracting high-quality talent, reducing turnover, increasing employee loyalty and engagement, enhancing productivity, and fostering a positive company culture. 

The Alera Group difference  

Alera Group’s Veterinary Division has more experience than any insurance broker helping veterinary practices implement industry-leading employee health insurance and benefit programs, defining what it means to be an employer of choice in veterinary medicine. Whether you have fewer than 10 employees, or more than 1,000, we have ideas for you. Learn more at www.aleravet.com or contact Cory Friedman at [email protected] to get started today.  


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