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Jumping Cats will generally jump up on things if there is a reason for them to jump up there. They’ll jump onto counters to look for food or to look out a window. If you have a dog that bothers the cat, your kitty may be looking for a higher place to escape. Kittens will be very curious and willing ... Read More Missing the litter box You have a problem. Your cat is thinking outside the box, and not in a good way. You may be wondering what you did to inspire so much “creative expression.” Is your cat punishing you? Is Fluffy just “bad”? No, and no. House soiling and missing the litter box is a sign that your ... Read More Playing with food It is not unusual for cats to play with their food. Hiding food can be an instinctive behavior. In the wild, your cat would eat what he needed and hide the rest of his food from predators and scavengers until he was hungry ... Read More

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