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General health

AAHA Feline Lifestyle Assessment Form Having a complete picture of your cat or kitten's life can help your veterinarian provide better treatment and recommendations for your cat. Download the AAHA Feline Lifestyle Assessment Form and take it to your veterinarian the next time you take your cat in for a visit. ... Read More Bringing a new kitten home A new kitten can be exciting. Start life with your new friend off on the right foot with proper veterinary care, nutrition, and socialization. Download the AAHA Cat or Kitten Care sheet. Veterinary care ... Read More Cats Get Arthritis Too Osteoarthritis is defined as a degenerative condition of the joints in which the normal cartilage cushion in the joint breaks down. Eventually, adjacent bones rub against each other, causing pain, decreased joint movement, and sometimes the formation of bone spurs and other changes around the joint. ... Read More Get your cat off of the couch with agility training Feline agility? We know what you might be thinking. The chances of getting your cat to do agility are about as likely as: Winning the lottery Getting struck by lightning Your cat finally accepting that you are the master of the house Yet cats around the country are competing in agility ... Read More Spaying and Neutering Cats Did you know? Spaying and neutering prevents pet overpopulation while also keeping your cat healthy. The American Animal Hospital Association has a position statement that supports neutering cats and dogs as young as 8 weeks of age in order to help reduce the overpopulation problem affecting companion ... Read More Traveling and moving with your cat Use a solid, plastic cat carrier For trips over two hours, use a plastic, hard-sided carrier lined with newspaper, covered with a blanket. It must be large enough to allow your cat/kitten to turnaround, sit up and stand up. Cloth carriers aren’t recommended because the sides could collapse. Getting ... Read More

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