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Training Tips for Your Dog

Well-socialized and well-trained pets are happy pets. Dogs generally like to please and to be loved by their family. Using positive reinforcement like praising, giving treats and positive attention will help your pet learn the good behavior.

General training tips
  • Start training at an early age.
  • Put time aside every day to go over the training with your pet.
  • Make sure everyone in the household is teaching your pet the same lessons.
  • Never punish your pet for wrong behavior.
  • Seek professional advice from a behavior expert like a veterinarian if you are having problems with training your pet.

Obedience Training from WDDC on Vimeo.

How to train your dog to "sit"
  • Use a treat and hold it directly above your pet’s head.
  • Move the treat so that your pet follows it with its eyes.
  • As you move the treat forward, your pet’s legs should start to fold under.
  • You may need to give a gentle push on their rump if your pet does not start to bend the legs.
  • As this begins to happen, say “Sit”.
  • When the dog fully sits, give the treat and praise.
  • Practice, practice, practice.
How to stop your pet from jumping up

Dogs can often get carried away when greeting people. And it can get very embarrassing when your dog is trying to jump all over your friends. Unfortunately, we are often to blame for this bad behavior.

Greeting pets enthusiastically encourages them to get excited and jump up on us. By us greeting them with hugs and excitement, we are rewarding that bad behavior.


• Avoid greeting your pet enthusiastically.
• Try to gain focus of your pet and use the “Sit” command to calm them.
• Reward your pet with peting when they sit calmly.
• If your pet continues to jump up on you, ignore them by turning your back and continuing with your tasks.
• Once your pet calms down, reward them with a treat or praise.

Tips on training your dog to relax

If you’re having trouble training your dog to “stay” or “wait,” consider the word “relax.”

Sit your dog in one place and calmly say “relax”. Any slight movements should be followed with a firm “uh-uh.” Gently hold your dog in place, calmly repeating the word “relax,” and after a few seconds, release and say “ok”.

Practice every day giving your dog positive reinforcement such as praise or a treat.

Is the barking driving you crazy?

All dogs have a voice whether it is barking, howling or yapping and some breeds speak more often than others. It’s important to choose the dog that’s right for your situation. As with any bad behavior, excessive barking can be managed, if controlled early.

Dog breeds that bark a lot:
  • Beagle
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Cairn Terrier
  • West Highland White Terrier
  • Chihuahua

If your pet is sitting quietly, you can always reward them with praise and treats. If your pet is barking you can teach them the “quiet” command. If the barking continues even with training, ignore them until they quiet down.

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