Microchip Registry Lookup

Step 1

Obtain the 9-, 10- or 15-digit microchip number. Veterinarians and rescue organizations can provide this information.

Step 2

Enter a 9-, 10- or 15-digit microchip number (no spaces or punctuation) to get a list of registries to contact to find pet owner information.

Step 3

Starting with the first company (the most recent registry), call each company on the “Microchip enrolled with” list to see if that is the registry that has the pet owner information.

Microchip to Search:


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warning One or more of the pet microchip registries this tool searches could not be reached at this time. If your search did not provide a satisfactory result please try your search again later.
Date Last Updated: 9/15/2023
For more information please visit: https://internationalpetregistry.com
or call: 844-477-7387
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This registry lookup tool does NOT provide pet owner information and is NOT for pet owners to update their pets’ microchips. It is a lookup tool that helps you find the registry where your pet’s microchip is listed.

Some microchips – especially those starting with the numbers 900 – cannot be tracked to a single provider. You’ll get a list of companies to contact to find the pet owner or for registration purposes.

Sometimes microchips are implanted but not registered to individual pets. In these cases, the registry lookup will return a list of companies that might have sold that microchip. Contact those companies and ask for the “trackback” information of who purchased that microchip. That organization may have the pet owner’s contact information.

A “failed search” means that the registry could not be checked for the microchip you entered. This is out of AAHA’s control, and you will want to try your search again at a later time.


Attention Pet Owners

  • This is NOT a place for pet owners to register or update their pets’ microchips. Contact a pet registry service to complete those actions.

  • This registry lookup tool does NOT provide pet owner information.

  • The American Animal Hospital Association does not manage microchip registries, so we cannot assist pet owners with microchip issues. Please contact your chip’s registry - after searching you may receive a list of potential registries your chip is managed by rather than just one company. Start by calling the first company on the list and work your way down to find which registry manages your chip.