AAHA Open Standards

Veterinary data standards are the cornerstone of raising the bar of excellence across the profession


AAHA Benchmarking will go a long way in helping practices assess business and medical operations to then make necessary changes. At this time AAHA Benchmarking is enabled by two key standards, freely available and open to the public.

AAHA/VMG Chart of Accounts

A chart of accounts allows a practice to identify how their financial statements are set up. It details the activity within each of a designated set of accounts over a period of time. The chart of accounts will organize financial transactions of a practice into easily identifiable categories of information. 

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AAHA Problem and Diagnosis Terms

AAHA's Problem and Diagnosis Terms consist of approximately 5,600 clinical signs and diagnostic terms commonly used in companion animal practices in North America. They are mapped to SNOMED codes and available in XML format.

Petabyte has built upon these codes, analyzing millions of lines of practice data to build an even better diagnostic catalog for AAHA Benchmarking. These terms and Petabyte’s detailed data catalogs are incorporated into the AAHA Benchmarking products.

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About Jem, the "Three-Legged Mutt" 

AAHA CEO Garth Jordan talks with Petabyte Vice President of Veterinary Strategy Kim Fish about the importance of standards.