AAHA Benchmarking Products and Pricing

AAHA Benchmarking, developed by Petabyte Technology, is the first-ever digital tool that uses live practice information management system (PIMS) data and advanced benchmarking analytics to compare practice performance insights to the broader veterinary space.

Lose the spreadsheets. Focus on your patients.

AAHA Benchmarking: Simplifying the path to a thriving practice so you can focus on providing the best medicine.

Technology that Empowers Your Practice

AAHA Benchmarking uses algorithmic analysis to automatically standardize, aggregate, and analyze PIMS data. We are simplifying veterinary practice benchmarking. As a tech leader in analyzing and standardizing data at scale, Petabyte Technology harnesses the power of community data to improve pet care and business success for individual practices while raising the bar for industry-wide veterinary excellence.

Petabyte’s Matcher technology is like unlike anything on the market – after analyzing millions of lines of code, we can confidently clean and standardize data from more than 20 different PIMS quickly and reliably, and to the most granular level. That means that no matter how your team enters data, you can rest assured your benchmarks will be accurate. “Spay, dog” is the same as “Dog, spay,” so you’re always comparing apples to apples.

Three Products: Three Solutions for Your Data Needs

All products provide 16 core reports, noted below. Additional reports are unlocked in the Benchmarking+ and Petabyte Analytics product. Note: we are continually building upon our products, so be on the lookout for additional reports and filters as they are added.

AAHA Benchmarking Products


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SPOT Dashboard

A unique feature of AAHA Benchmarking+ and Benchmarking+ and Petabyte Analytics is our SPOT score. You’ll be able to tell at a glance how your practice measures up to others – and know exactly where to focus to improve upon less-than-stellar performance or replicate good performance.

What is SPOT?
  1. Sales revenue: sales revenue summary, transaction growth, average client transaction (ACT), ACT growth, ACT deviation
  2. Producer performance: producer sales revenue and transaction growth, producer ACT growth and deviation
  3. Opportunities: new client transactions, forward booking rate, client bonding rate, client compliance rate
  4. Trends in medicine: patient visit transactions, average annual patient visit count, well-check appointment types,
    recheck visits

You can also drill down into each of these four areas, each containing four reports, for your SPOT score on that key performance indicator. We call these SPOTlights!

AAHA Benchmarking+ Dashboard