About the Partnership with Petabyte Technology

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and Petabyte Technology have teamed up to bring the veterinary community AAHA Benchmarking, the first ever digital tool that uses live practice information management system (PIMS) data and advanced benchmarking analytics to compare practice performance insights to the broader veterinary space.​

AAHA and Petabyte Technology are excited to champion open data standards in the veterinary community through AAHA Benchmarking to drive better medicine and quality veterinary care.​

"Although The AAHA Diagnostic Terms and Codes have been around for the last 20 years, the wide variety of PIMS systems have made it difficult to establish industry-wide consistency and use these terms the way they were designed to be used," says Garth Jordan, CEO of AAHA.

"That’s why our partnership with Petabyte is so important. They’ve found a way to standardize despite the variety of PIMS in use. And with standardized coding at the heart of this tool, AAHA Benchmarking will go a long way in helping practices assess business and medical operations to then make necessary changes. We’re excited to be able to provide that, not just for AAHA members, but for the entire profession.​"

“The partnership between AAHA and Petabyte was a natural fit and will have an instant impact on veterinary medicine,” says Katie Huneke, VP of Sales and Marketing at Petabyte Technology. “Our proprietary platforms, including our rhapsody PIMS, natively use the AAHA chart of accounts to provide actionable, deep, and integrity-rich data to veterinary teams. This collaboration is yet another way AAHA and Petabyte’s suite of products are helping veterinary practices deliver the highest quality of care,” says Huneke. “We’re excited to share AAHA Benchmarking with the entire veterinary industry.”​

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