Personal mission statement

If you need some assistance writing your personal mission statement, start by using the outline below to craft a first draft. Then, continue updating your draft until you feel comfortable with it and it’s in your own words. Stop only when the statement captures precisely what you want to accomplish.

Mission statement template

To [input what you want to accomplish] by [input a date, a year, or a broad timespan, such as “within five years”] so I can [describe what achieving this accomplishment will let you experience, contribute or provide].

To make this happen, I will [list the most important actions or attitudes you must stop, start or modify].

Example 1

To be hired by an AAHA-accredited feline-focused hospital in Virginia, Texas, or Mississippi within four months of graduation from veterinary school in 2020 and receive a compensation package that allows me to pay off my student loans within 10 years. This will allow me to focus on my passion, feline medicine, in a hospital recognized for excellent patient care and client service and to be compensated fairly for my work.

To make this happen, I will volunteer for additional casework with feline patients at the university’s teaching hospital and work with my advisor and mentors to identify additional areas of study and to obtain letters of recommendation.

Example 2

To secure a position as an in-practice neurosurgery specialist at Exemplary Animal Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina, by 2021 so I can participate in patient trials conducted through the hospital’s 10-year joint venture with Company ABC.

To make this happen, I will obtain a neurosurgery internship at either Hampshire Veterinary Clinic in Seattle or West Bridge Pet Hospital in Atlanta by 2020 because Exemplary routinely hires interns from hospitals to work at its practice, and I will complete at least 20 hours of CE in small-animal anatomy and applied surgical anatomy by 2019.