Patty Casebolt

Patty is the Chief Operating Officer at the Medical Eye Center with over 35 years of leadership and public speaking experience. Her passion in providing a profoundly different experience with leadership development is evident in her creative approach to training and mentoring.

As a student of accountable communication training for 20 years, Patty became a Licensed Human Element Practitioner in 2014. She is involved in the design and delivery of communication trainings in her current role, as well as with outside clients.

Working in healthcare for 30+ years, Patty has found that effective communication is a crucial skillset needed to connect with patients as well as colleagues. She understands that the healthcare environment can be stressful and is an advocate for Mindfulness training in the workplace. Patty is a certified Mindfulness/Mediation facilitator and leads monthly guided meditations after work.

To continue to improve her own skills, Patty has studied extensively in non-violent communication (NVC) as well as compassionate communication. She is a graduate of many Wings seminars and has completed a master practitioner level certification in Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP).

Patty volunteers with La Clinica as a participant with both the SERVE Customer Service Council meetings as well as the Accountable Communication Team Lead meetings. She has also worked alongside La Clinica staff at different outreach programs, as well as the eye clinic partnership program.

Her personal passion for wellness is evident in other areas of Patty’s life. She is the current vice president on the board of the Medford Food Co-op, and advocates for affordable, healthy food options. Whenever possible, Patty likes to travel and experience new adventures. More than anything, she likes to make sure that hard work and fun go hand on hand.