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Courses and Credit Hours

Basic Courses Credit Hours
VTHT 1217 Veterinary Office Management 2
VTHT 1301 Introduction to Veterinary Technology 3
VTHT 1349 Veterinary Pharmacology 3
VTHT 1413 Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology 4
VTHT 2201 Canine and Feline Clinical Management 2
VTHT 2205 Equine Clinical Management 2
VTHT 2209 Food Animal Clinical Management 2
VTHT 2321 Veterinary Parasitology 3

Intermediate Courses Credit Hours
**VTHT 1345 Veterinary Radiology 3
**VTHT 2213 Lab Animal Clinical Management 2
**VTHT 2223 Veterinary Clinical  Pathology I 2
**VTHT 2331 Veterinary Clinical Pathology II 3


Advanced Courses Credit Hours
**VTHT 1341 Anesthesia & Surgical Assistance 3
**VTHT 2325 Large Animal Assisting Techniques 3
**VTHT 2380 Cooperative Education 3
**VTHT 2439 Veterinary Nursing Care 4

**These courses require students to work or intern at an approved veterinary facility prior to enrollment. For information on OCCI please see the Cedar Valley Website.

General Education Courses 
ENGL 1301 English Composition
BIOL 1406 Biology for Science Majors
MATH 1314 College Algebra or higher
Humanities/ Fine Arts Elective
Social Science Elective

Large animal lab at Cedar Valley College

Students are never required to travel to Cedar Valley to attend classes or complete lab practical exams. The laboratory portion of Large Animal Assisting techniques (VTHT 2325)* is offered on the Cedar Valley College campus for students who do not have access to a large animal training location. The lab is offered in the fall and spring semesters and is held over a two-day period on a Thursday and Friday. This lab covers all of the AVMA-required, hands-on large-animal tasks and gives students a chance to visit the campus, meet the instructors, and interact with other DEVTP students from all over the country. Students in DEVTP also have the option of submitting videos of the required tasks instead of traveling to campus.

*Travel fees and lodging for this lab are not included in tuition.

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