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Current Students

Please note: Level 3 courses will be phased out following the Summer 2017 semester

Students who are currently in level 3 courses will need to complete the remainder of level 3 courses during the Summer 2017 semester, or switch to the new credit program. Level 3 courses will NOT be offered after the conclusion of the Summer 2017 semester. To switch to the new credit program, please email [email protected]an advisor will inform you of how to proceed.

General education registration

You may need a placement exam prior to enrolling if you have no transfer courses. Registration for general education courses is completed through eConnect. Effective fall 2015, distance learning fees will be applied to out-of-state/country students enrolling in credit courses.

Registration is completed online through eConnect.

To register, set up or login to your eConnect account. Click here for detailed instructions. 

For students in levels 2-3 courses, use these instructions to register for and/or drop courses.

Registration for level 4 courses can also be completed through eConnect, with the exception of COOP. To register for COOP, email [email protected] for permission. To qualify for COOP, you must have completed all level 1–3 courses and all general education courses; meet TSI requirements in reading, writing, and math; and be in your last semester of the program.

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