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See what recent DEVTP students had to say!

DEVTP is balanced

“I love that I can work at my own pace and study online while still maintaining a full-time job in my current career.”

—Tammy Locashio

 “I like that this is a distance learning program. I work full time, and it makes it very easy to go to school to earn a degree and work at the same time.”

—Abigail Burbach

“I love that I am able to work and go to school. The class homework load is reasonable to continue working 50 hour weeks and get all of my full-time schooling done.”

—Amber Steinle

 “Not having to go into a classroom as I’m a single mom and work full time. Very convenient.”

—Abigail Moreno

“I can complete assignments where and when I am able to fit them into my demanding work schedule.”

—Jennifer Seibert

DEVTP is a career booster

“It lets me work and get clinic experience!”

—Jasmine Conn

“Great program to become educated and graduate as an LVT.”

—Anjulea Spangler

“I gained knowledge that I can actually use in my clinic.”

—Laura Gunderson

DEVTP is convenient

 “An online program is the only way I can obtain my degree, so I am thankful this is available. [Plus,] the instructors have always replied quickly.”

—Jennifer Sprague






“I like that the whole thing is online. It's nice that I can earn my degree and work while staying at home.”

—Tasha Oshinski

“The accessibility of this course was by far the most amazing thing. I am only able to continue my education because these courses are online. If I had to be present in person, I wouldn't be able to be working toward this degree.”

—Kathryn Best

DEVTP is flexible

“Teachers are flexible and understanding—they know that each hospital the student is working in may have different procedures and rules that need to be taken into consideration. The number one reason I choose this program is because it is associated with AAHA—which makes it very reputable!”

—Jana Schwartz

“[I like] the ability to work at my own pace while still being able to communicate with my instructor.”

—Shea Daniel

“I enjoy that I am able to complete the course at my own pace, however, still have assignments due on certain dates to keep me working through the material.”

—Amelia Tarantelli

DEVTP is well-structured

 “I like that we had timed quizzes with unlimited tries. It helped me learn the course material and get a feel for how certain information pertained to real world scenarios.”

—Autumn Hexamer






“I feel like the structure really helped me succeed in this course. I enjoyed learning new things that I have actually been able to understand at work. It's a great feeling.”

—Sara Locascio

 “It was simple to access course materials and submit assignments.”

—Eryn Staszkiewicz

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