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Testimonials from Alumni

What can Veterinary Management Institute do for you? Find out from someone who has graduated from the program. Our alumni share the impact VMI has had on them below.


"[VMI] made me realize many veterinarians and practice managers are suffering from stress, depression, and a general feeling of being overwhelmed. They are champions for their patients and clients, sometimes to the detriment of their own health or practice culture. I want to be a resource and a fulcrum for change, so they can take positive steps at the practice level to avoid burnout and be passionate about their career choice."


- Deanne Bonner, RVT, CVPM, and VMI graduate


[VMI] helped me to see a different passion, and let me ignite a passion that I didn’t know I had. I learned that I can still be a really great veterinarian and just apply a different type of skill. It’s opened a whole new professional career path for me.

- Dr. Lisa Mausbach,
VMI graduate

"I’ve really enjoyed hearing everybody’s stories. Knowing that we’re all coming from different backgrounds but trying to achieve the same things—it’s really given me the confidence to be an individual and carve my own path, and that’s been very beneficial for me.”


- Holly Davis, VMI graduate

“It’s nice to know that other people are going through the same things. I feel like there’s this big crowd of people that I can reach out to now.

- Leslie H., 2016 VMI graduate

"Overall, I think the program has provided a wonderful foundation for my career goals in the future, so I’m very thankful to be part of it.”

- Alexandra S., VMI graduate

“We have to know so much and learn so much. But we don’t have to know it all. We can look at the material presented now and say, ‘if we can identify the problem, now we have tools that AAHA provides, and other tools and solutions, to attack anything that affects the hospital.’ ”

- Joshua Schulz, BVSc, VMI graduate

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