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VetFolio Accredited Member Benefit

VetFolio® is the most robust online veterinary continuing education platform available.

Offering the industry's most comprehensive online resource for your entire veterinary team, VetFolio's benefits include:

  • 24/7 access: CE on demand, when it's convenient for you
  • Hundreds of hours of continuing education courses, including RACE-approved CE and thousands of articles and proceedings from AAHA and NAVC conferences
  • CE for every member of the practice team
  • On-demand web conferences covering scientific and management topics

An update from AAHA regarding VetFolio

As you may know, VetFolio was originally created by the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) in 2014; several years ago, AAHA purchased joint (50%) ownership in the platform as a means of providing our accredited members with complimentary access to a robust online learning platform. In October 2018, the decision was made to transfer VetFolio’s ownership back to the NAVC under a mutual agreement between AAHA and the NAVC. In looking at the future growth potential of the platform, AAHA and the NAVC jointly agreed that having a single owner would best position VetFolio to continue developing as a technology business and continuing education platform moving forward.

What will change for accredited members who use VetFolio? Absolutely nothing! AAHA-accredited members will continue to receive complimentary practice team subscriptions to VetFolio as a part of their AAHA-accredited membership. This is part of AAHA’s commitment to ensuring AAHA-accredited practices have access to a robust set of accredited member benefits.

As an accredited member, you may also wonder:

Will I log in to VetFolio the same way I did before?
Yes, you will log in to vetfolio.com and use the same login credentials as you always have.

Will everyone on my team still be able to access VetFolio as a part of our complimentary subscription?

Will there be any downtime or disruption in my access to VetFolio during this transition time?
No–the transition will be seamless for members with no disruption in service.

Will I still be able to access the same VetFolio courses as I did before?

Will I still be able to access AAHA content on VetFolio?
AAHA will continue to provide webinars and other educational content on VetFolio, so you’ll still be able to access the same great education from AAHA.

My AAHA-accredited practice doesn’t currently use VetFolio–how can we go about signing up for this free member benefit?
Your account has already been set up—you just need to log in! Visit vetfolio.com to access your VetFolio account now. Unsure of your login information? Click on the “Forgot your password?” link on the Login page.

I'm having an issue with my account: who do I contact for assistance?
Please reach out to [email protected] for account assistance and support.

We feel confident that this change in ownership will open the door for the future growth of VetFolio as the profession’s go-to online CE platform, and that you’ll love VetFolio even more as the platform continues to expand its offerings.


AAHA courses featured on VetFolio include:

NEW AAHA Diabetes Educator Certificate Course: Ready to become your team’s "go-to" expert for diabetic pets? Designed especially for veterinary technicians, this 6 module certificate course provides 4 RACE-approved CE credits. Get started now!
Visit aaha.org/diabetescourse

NEW CAETA Course: Hone the comprehensive skill-set required in companion animal euthanasia. This course provides 10 hours of AASVB RACE-approved CE.
Take the course! 

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Free for team members of AAHA-accredited hospitals!

A complimentary VetFolio practice subscription is included in the benefits package for AAHA-accredited hospital team members. Your account has already been set up—you just need to login! Start using your free VetFolio subscription today.

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