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Veterinary Management Institute® (VMI) is an executive-level, veterinary-specific management program designed for seasoned employees of companion animal veterinary practices.

VMI is recommended for:

  • Practice owners and managers with 3–5 years of experience
  • Practice team leaders with 3–5 years of experience in another leadership or management-oriented role
  • Team members with 3–5 years of relevant experience who want to become leaders in their practice

Attendees should have the following knowledge base and information access:

  • A basic understanding of their practice's finances and chart of accounts
  • A basic understanding of how to read profit and loss statements
  • Access to their practice’s financial information (while this is not a requirement, it will be helpful during VMI's financial sessions)

Time commitment:

  • VMI is a 10-month long program that will require attention and time on a monthly basis
  • The in-person portion of the program is made up of three 2.5–day sessions running Thursday–Saturday
  • Once a month, attendees will be assigned one online module that will take approximately three hours to complete
  • Attendees are expected to work on their capstone projects throughout the duration of the program, approximately one or two hours per month (please see below for more information about the capstone project)

Online modules and additional assignments:

  • Monthly online modules are presented through VetFolio and require attendees to watch recordings, take specified VetFolio courses, read related articles, and submit a worksheet upon completion
  • Two or three books will be assigned as required reading; attendees will be expected to answer related questions on a monthly basis
  • Attendees are expected to join a closed Facebook group to connect with fellow participants and engage in community discussions; discussion participation is required

At the completion of the program, each attendee will present a capstone project:

  • The capstone project requires attendees to identify a specific challenge in their current work environment, compose a solution, and put that solution in place
  • The capstone project assumes that attendees have the ability to make decisions and affect change in their practice, so it is recommended that participants focus on a challenge they can directly impact
  • The capstone should be formulated throughout the 10-month duration of VMI
  • In the final session of VMI, attendees will present their capstone to classmates and should be prepared to answer questions and engage in a group discussion

For more information about VMI, please contact AAHA's Senior Manager of Learning Programs, Amy Johnson, BS, LVT, RLATG, at [email protected] or 720-963-4424.

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