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Veterinary Management Series: Practice Essentials Learning Facilitators

Deanne Bonner Veterinary Management InstituteDeanne Bonner, RVT, CVPM

Deanne Bonner, RVT, CVPM, has worked in the veterinary field since 1985, and can’t imagine doing anything else. She began as an animal caretaker earning high school credit versus a paycheck, and proceeded to learn every position in a small animal veterinary practice. She augmented her “on the job experience” with formalized education earning her Registered Veterinary Technician and Certified Veterinary Practice Manager credentials. Her position as a Veterinary Practice Consultant with the American Animal Hospital since 2010 provides her daily opportunities to raise the level of care our patients and clients receive, promote continual learning, and improve the quality of life and job satisfaction of those working in our unique profession.

David McCormick Veterinary Management InstituteDavid McCormick 

David McCormick is a veterinary practice management teacher, speaker, and consultant with a focus on practice valuation, ownership issues, and buy-sell transaction facilitation. He is a member of the Institute of Business Appraisers and a past president of VetPartners, formerly the Association of Veterinary Practice Management Consultants and Advisors.


Scott Harper AAHASarah Procopio

Ms. Procopio has the unique ability to meld data science and human behavior to grow revenue and increase profit. She is the founder and president of Thrive Now, a nationally recognized analytics- and data-driven marketing firm that specializes in the veterinary industry. Ms. Procopio has exceptional analytical, quantitative, and problem-solving skills and deep experience in analytics-based marketing. This, combined with her love for animals and empathy for pet owners, has created quick success for her in this field. While Sarah is an established expert in the veterinary, hospitality, and food and beverage industries, she has also applied her success strategies across multiple other industries with equal success. Specifically, Sarah’s background in hospitality has allowed her to elevate the experience in veterinary hospitals via innovative service and marketing approaches. Sarah is a graduate of the Executive MBA program at the University of Denver and holds a degree in marketing from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.              

Kevin C. Paul Veterinary Management InstituteKevin C. Paul 

Kevin C. Paul has devoted more than 20 years to assisting employers with everything from hiring to retiring. Kevin works with companies of all sizes as they recruit new employees, draft employment policies and handbooks, and manage disciplinary issues, terminations, and reductions in force. He assists management in determining who’s an employee and who’s an independent contractor, and prepares employment and professional services agreements. He also trains employers on how to avoid discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful discharge claims, and represents companies when claims arise. These days, Kevin and his firm spend time helping employers understand what they do—and don’t—have to do to comply with healthcare reform.

Jody Witmer Veterinary Management InstituteJody Witmer 

Jody Witmer comes from New York, but now, after living in Colorado for 25 years, calls Colorado home. Jody trains, facilitates, and speaks nationwide in a variety of corporate and educational settings, including Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and universities. For the last 20 years, Jody has been helping clients achieve substantive and lasting improvements in individual, team, and organizational effectiveness. Her clients find her to be an outstanding listener, an astute observer, an honest provider of direct and relevant feedback, and a highly trusted partner and guide. Jody’s intention and passion is to help leaders evoke excellence in themselves and their organizations.

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