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“[I got a] better understanding of the business side of veterinary medicine. The program more than met my expectations. All of the speakers gave a clear and data-driven presentation on their topic. There are many well-defined tactics I can take back to implement at my practice.”

- Larry Z.

“I am a CVT who has transitioned into management, so I really needed to gain skills in all areas. I loved every minute! I feel like I walked away with a much greater sense of my role as a manager. I can honestly say that I got so much great information from every single speaker, and I will take home to my practice something from every lecture.”

- Sara S.

“This class taught me how to evaluate the clinic as a business to determine its financial health and what can be changed to positively influence it.”
- Kerri K.

“This program opened my eyes to many things about practice management that I didn't understand, which will help me to be a more effective associate veterinarian, and one day, a more successful owner.”

- Dr. Caleb S.

“I have been practicing medicine and assisting in managing a veterinary hospital for 25 years. This course did a wonderful job bringing together the major topics that concern a manager. I've recently taken over the management of my veterinary practice, and this course helped reinforce the areas upon which I need to focus my attention. It also provided a lot of useful tools to help me implement the information [we received].”

- Dr. Robin S.

“I hoped to gain knowledge of general practice management as well as network with other managers. I achieved both of those goals. I was able to draw a lot of useful information out of the sessions and the group was small enough that I felt comfortable connecting with the other participants.”

- Courtney A.

“[I hoped to gain a] better handle of financial tools to increase the profitability of our practice, as well as realistically gauge the financial health of the practice. I definitely feel like this gave me the tools I need to be able to effectively make changes. Each [session] spoke to different tools and methods that will help in my mission. It also gave me the knowledge I feel that I need to have difficult conversations with owners.”

- Jess T.

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