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See what 2017 graduates had to say!

"I hoped to gain knowledge from all areas discussed, and most importantly to gain a re-invigoration for my professional life. I love vet med and will hit my 15-year mark in January—this is just what I needed. I gained so much knowledge and I'm looking forward to taking it to my hospital."

- Samantha N.

"I hoped to learn something new, be inspired, and take back things to my team. [The program] provided me with all these things! The speakers were very engaging and discussed very relevant topics. I loved the ones that helped us get an action plan onboard—that's always the downfall [of meetings]. You feel overwhelmed with knowledge and have a hard time implementing it into your practice because you don't know where to start. I appreciated [them] taking that next step with us so it's not as overwhelming once you get back to your practice."

- Cari L.

"Overall it was a great experience! The speakers were engaging and very knowledgeable. Being able to meet other practice managers and realizing there are other people struggling with the same issues made me feel less alone!"

- Jeri S.

"This was my first business [meeting] and I immensely enjoyed meeting the AAHA team and speakers, the knowledge I gained and the relationships I built with my peers."

- Glenda S.

"The information was helpful, pertinent and valuable. I really appreciate the continued learning support of AAHA in presentations such as this."

- Briana S.


"I was really hoping to get some ideas to help our practice not only grow and thrive but hopefully get help on staffing issues. This course helped tremendously, and I was able to get advice, not only from the speakers but from the other managers. The content was exactly what I needed. The networking with others was just what I needed as well! I would recommend this course to everyone in a management position!"

- Holly F.

"I personally hoped to gain current, useful knowledge and access to key resources for the best practices on culture, HR, and marketing. Networking and brainstorming with other practice managers is also a vital part of any training session. [This program] provided just that! We learned practical uses for the information presented and how to apply them in the real world and life of a busy practice. The binder provided by AAHA, links from the speakers, book references, and other resources helped us understand where our focus should be for each individual practice and manager. Whether you are a fairly new practice manager or one with years of experience, the content and resources shared in these sessions are valuable tools in building and maintaining a healthy culture in any practice."

- Donna L.

"I have been looking for quality CE that discusses digital marketing more in-depth. I feel there is so much knowledge to be gained in the veterinary community on how to communicate to potential clients. Also, culture is so vital to clinics and I wanted to learn how to reach my younger staff and engage them. I learned more [about digital marketing] in two days than in a year of seminars, webinars, and articles on SEO and social media. I also benefited from the sessions on staffing and I will implement some of the concepts into my hospital. I loved the experience, the topics, content, and speakers. And, I am a tough critic. WELL DONE!"

- Kelly T.

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