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AAHA weaves innovative emcee role into reimagined conference model

LAKEWOOD, Colorado—Want to get the most out of your CE experience? One association is mending the gaps in conference learning with a creative solution: a host who combines the functions of a traditional emcee and learning facilitator into one innovative role.

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is excited to announce its senior veterinary officer, Heather Loenser, DVM, will be taking on the title of content weaver for its Connexity conference in Denver, Colorado, September 13–16, 2018.

According to business improvement consulting firm Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, “the content weaver opens and closes each general session asking provocative questions and framing the context of the conference’s learning opportunities. As research has shown, learning doesn’t happen in bulk and the content weaver challenges attendees to carve out intentional time to engage with peers and reflect on the important content and topics.”

Loenser explains it a little differently. “I hope to be the catalyst for many ‘AA-HA!’ moments,” she said. “My job as Connexity’s content weaver is to be a sense-maker. I’ll help guests answer the crucial questions we often ask after attending a conference—‘So what?’ and ‘Now what?’—by connecting them to colleagues and innovative actions they can immediately implement in their hospitals.”

Throughout the conference, guests will find Loenser observing educational sessions, working closely with keynote speakers and learning facilitators, and sparking interesting and insightful conversations to help them make the most of what they’ve learned. At the end of each day, she’ll weave together the key concepts from each session into a cohesive message so guests can confidently return to their practices armed with essential takeaways and practical tips gleaned not only from the sessions they attended—but also those they didn’t.

“This model is unique because it allows every guest to truly take advantage of the entire conference and learn not only from our facilitators, but from each other,” said AAHA Chief Executive Officer, Michael Cavanaugh, DVM, DABVP (Emeritus). “Connexity is all about building relationships, and we are thrilled to help our guests connect in such an innovative and fresh way. I haven’t seen it anywhere else. I look forward to supporting Dr. Loenser in her role as content weaver and working with Team AAHA to provide a valuable and memorable experience for our guests.”

Connexity was intentionally designed to reflect AAHA’s renewed focus on delivering an excellent member experience, which includes an optimal conference experience in which guests will enjoy a manageable pace, plenty of seats and meals to go around, quiet spaces for reflection, and much more.

Connexity’s carefully curated education lineup is based directly on feedback AAHA received from its members and will feature the same high-quality CE members have come to expect from AAHA, with a focus on practice culture, profitability, marketing, human resources, and personal and professional wellbeing, as well as a track on the 2018 AAHA Diabetes Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats. Registration is now open at aaha.org/connexity.

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