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AAHA-Accredited VMG Groups

What is a Veterinary Management Group (VMG)?

Comprised of noncompeting AAHA-accredited practices representing diverse markets throughout the US, these groups allow practice owners and managers to openly discuss challenges, identify goals, share success stories and benefit from an environment of mutual support and motivation.

Each group meets semi annually to share information, benchmarking data, management experiences, ideas, resources, problems, solutions, successes and failures. Communication is continued between meetings via secure email lists and web portals.

What can an AAHA-Accredited VMG do for you?

  • Provide a foundation for success: Through membership in an AAHA-Accredited VMG, you have access to the combined knowledge of some of the most successful and respected practitioners in the profession.
  • Gain a new perspective: Learn from your colleague's experiences and expand your horizons to new and alternative strategies for success in your practice.
  • Make informed business decisions: An exclusive benchmarking program allows members to run searches based on over 25 different demographics so you can see how your practice compares to others in the global VMG database.

AAHA-Accredited Veterinary Management Groups ( VMGs) bring the best of the best together to help each practice attain even greater levels of success.


Are you ready to take your practice to new heights?

Contact VSG Manager of Member Services, Megan McDaniel, at 678-395-3470 or [email protected]

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