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Accreditation FAQs

How do I log into the AAHA online evaluation tool?

All accredited members can access the AAHA Standards of Accreditation and the online evaluation tool even if they’re not currently scheduled for an evaluation. Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Evaluation Tool
  2. Log in with your email and password
  3. In the “Current Evaluations” area, click on the blue “Enter Evaluation”

After I pass my first evaluation, can I use the AAHA logo immediately?

After successfully passing your first evaluation, the next step to accreditation is a voting in process which usually takes two to five days.  After being approved, your membership will be converted to an accredited membership and you’ll have access to all logos and promotional resources.

Where can I get the AAHA logos? How do I download it or send it to my printer?

Only AAHA accredited members are allowed to use the AAHA logo to promote their accreditation.  Once you successfully pass your first evaluation, you’ll be given access to the AAHA accredited logos and a toolbox of resources.

What resources does AAHA provide to help us promote our accreditation?

The publicity toolbox for accredited members includes many suggestions for ways to promote your accreditation.

Are we able to order more than $200 on the accreditation kit order form?

No, after your evaluation, your practice consultant will provide you with an order form where you’ll have $200 to spend on AAHA promotional items.  We need to limit each order to $200 to accommodate all member orders.  If you’d like additional items, many are available for purchase.  Please contact AAHA at 800-883-6301 to place additional orders.

What happens if I am already accredited and unable to pass my evaluation?

If your practice is already accredited and you’re unable to pass your evaluation, you’ll receive feedback on changes/corrections you’ll need to make to pass the evaluation.  A reevaluation will be scheduled within six months. 

Questions about your evaluation

Who needs to be present on the day of the evaluation?

Your practice consultant will need a point person during the evaluation to take them on a tour of your practice, answer questions, and to be the main contact person during the evaluation. This can be whomever you decide is appropriate. It is recommended, but not mandatory, that the medical director and key team members be present to discuss the outcome of the visit at the end of the evaluation.

What materials (written or electronic) do I need to have available for review during the evaluation?

  • Employee handbook
  • Protocols/SOPs (including things like safety and disaster preparedness)
  • Log books, forms for surgery, anesthesia, etc.

Do I need to have medical records pulled in advance for my evaluation?

No, your practice consultant will decide that day what cases and medical records they will review.  These will be based on things they see during the evaluation and will include medical records from each veterinarian. The review may include surgical, dental, inpatient, etc. cases.

How long does the evaluation take?

Most evaluations average about four to six hours depending on the size of your practice.  Referral practice evaluations may take multiple days depending on the number of specialties being evaluated.

Is it OK to schedule appointments and/or surgeries during the evaluation?

Yes, AAHA doesn’t expect your practice to close for that day but rather encourages you to do what works best for your practice.  You can schedule a normal day, a lighter day, or half day depending on the needs of the practice.

When will we know if we have passed the evaluation?

The practice consultant will present the evaluation results to your team that day.

Will the practice consultant ask my team members questions?

The practice consultant may ask questions about where certain things are kept or how a procedure is done but not in any way singling out an individual.  Keep in mind that the practice consultant is there as your consultant to evaluate your practice and to share information, not to inspect your practice.  We want to help your team achieve their goals!

Will the practice consultant need to take a lunch break?

The practice consultants usually work through lunch so that you’ll have the results of your evaluation that day (you are welcome to break for lunch).

Will I need to provide the practice consultant a printed copy of my answers to the standards?

No, everything is recorded electronically and your practice consultant will work with the answers you’ve entered in the online evaluation tool.

What if I have to cancel or reschedule the evaluation?

AAHA practice consultants work in multiple states and may only be in your location once a year.  We understand that emergencies and changes occur and try to work with you to set up evaluation dates that work for all involved.  We appreciate you respecting our time as we try to plan efficiently and economically and make the most of every trip we plan.

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