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Accredited Membership

Accredited Practice Team Membership

Practices that accept the challenge of accreditation are evaluated on approximately 900 standards of excellence that encompass all aspects of veterinary care, ranging from patient care and pain management to team training and medical record keeping.

Dues for a general practice are $1,070 per year. For the first evaluation, a fee of $625 is assessed after accreditation is approved. Your second evaluation will then be in two years and all subsequent evaluations will be every three years. There are no fees for subsequent renewal evaluations.

Accredited Referral Practice Team Member

Accredited referral practices have passed their evaluation on the AAHA Referral Standards and have proven to be practicing the highest quality medicine possible. Each AAHA-accredited referral practice has a board-certified specialist in the specialty they are accredited in.

Dues for referral practices range from $1,070 for one specialty to $3335 for 11 or more specialties. Evaluation fees range from $625 to $1,025 and will be assessed once. There are no fees for subsequent renewal evaluations.

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