May 2017
Bright Idea from Accreditation


Are you ready for AAHA Day?

Planning is underway for the second annual AAHA-Accredited Hospital Day on Saturday, July 22! Is your practice gearing up?

The mission of AAHA-Accredited Hospital Day is to annually highlight the exceptional care provided by AAHA-accredited hospitals. In 2016, AAHA designated the day as an opportunity to educate pet owners about what accreditation means for their pets and to thank accredited hospitals for holding themselves to a higher standard.

Need celebration ideas? Check out these tips from AAHA HQ:

  • Don’t be afraid to humble brag! Create engaging content, like this video trailer, to show your clients and community what AAHA accreditation means to your team. (Can’t access the video? Request to join the AAHA-Accredited Members Facebook group!)

  • Write down several AAHA standards and place them in a bowl at the front desk. Ask clients to draw one and spot it during their appointment for a prize.

  • Ask each member of your team for a photo of themselves with their pets, as well as a quote about what being AAHA-accredited means to them. Share on social media all week long.

  • Post brightly colored notes all around your hospital that describe how certain objects relate to AAHA standards. Title them “AAHA! moments”—they’re sure to get your clients asking questions.

  • Put up velvet ropes or a red carpet outside your front door. Hand clients golden tickets when they walk in that explain why their pets get star-quality treatment at your AAHA-accredited hospital.

  • Tap into your clients’ creativity and let them help spread your message! Hold a contest to see who can come up with the best idea to educate pet owners in the community about your hospital’s accreditation for a special prize.

  • Set up a photo booth with writable props and a sign that reads, “I choose AAHA-accredited [hospital name] because…” and let clients have at it. Post the photos on social media.

  • Organize a cat or dog yoga event, group hike, or walk that begins or ends at your practice. Offer refreshments and gift bags for participants.

  • Celebrate your team’s commitment to AAHA accreditation all week! Show your appreciation with super hero capes, chair massages, gift cards, thank you notes, or a public shout-out on social media.

Want even more AAHA Day ideas?

Visit the Publicity Toolbox to download free resources you can use in planning your celebration, including social media images, celebration tips, printable posters, and more.



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